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False Prophet, Mark Taylor, Says Those Who Mock Him Are Putting Their Life in Danger


I’m going to take a leap of faith here, and despite what Taylor warns of, I’m going to write this article anyways and post it on social media.

Mark Taylor is a false prophet who is regularly quoted and published on Charisma News.  You can ordinarily watch Mark Taylor blather on with his notoriously wrong prophecies on the television program belonging to the disgraced televangelist, rapist, tax-evader, and felon, Jim Bakker. Taylor is one of the many charismatic prophets, like revivalist and “Holy Ghost Bartender,” Rodney Howard Browne, who have made pro-Trump spiritual prophecies into a cottage industry.

Taylor calls himself the “firefighter prophet” (he was formerly a firefighter), and a few months ago, he made the headlines for claiming that Satan uses chemtrails to block people from experiencing God’s supernatural power. In a recent YouTube video, Taylor tried to provide some deflection from his failed prophecy attempts and then gave some imprecatory words towards those who hold his prophecies to be fallacious.

Now, Taylor claims that those who mock him are placing their lives in their own hands. Speaking highly presumptuously of himself, quoting 1 Chronicles 16:22 (completely out of context), he says those who get on social media and type negative things about him are dangerously messing with “God’s anointed” and “prophets.”

I want to put this warning out because God says specifically in his word, “do not touch my anointed, but especially my prophets.” Now here’s what I want to warn people about. Well, they get on here on Facebook or on social media and they start tapping away. What they don’t understand … is that God’s going to hold them accountable.

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    • Last night I informed Mr. Taylor on Twitter that he has three 6’s in his Twitter ID. TOld him he really should change that or get rid of it altogether. Mr. Taylor..BLOCKED ME! I must have been “Mocking ” him. A bad thing came to me..I got blocked on Twitter.. Tee hee! My heart is broken. So Taylor is now admitting he is practicing witchcraft and putting spells on those he deems a threat to his dirty little secrets. Taylor is an unorthodox con artist with some very troubling mental issues…but somewhat of a good con artist. He’s a vanilla psychopath. He will show generousity but never actually follow through as he will turn on you when you least expect it and in a way that others are the ones that take the blame..BUt not him..That’s how the narcissist comes out in him.

  1. Exposing someone is not mocking them! It hink this heretic has the meanings confused. Well these con artists will do that. Just like Al Gore and Climate change. he used to call it Global Warming. Now it’s “climate change. call it one or the other Mr. Taylor and Mr. Gore..Both of you are using something to gain a following for a particular agenda. The one Gore is supporting is barbaric to humanity. The one Taylor is supporing is barbaric to GOD! Karma is going have the last say with both of them. And The Good Lord will on their judgement day. The guilty will alaways cry out the loudest! Taylor condinues to dig himself in his own shitty mess!

  2. Taylor makes it clear so he can make those that attack his character with the truth, he will be protected thinking that those that question his credibility weill be scared and won’t attack him. IT’s one of the oldest tricks in the book! Good try Taylor! You continue to dig yourself ever deeper into the abysmal hell you call your heaven. I feel sorry for you! I will be praying you get right with the Lord. The type of person you are rarely ever does get right. The ego gets in the way and they lie for for long and so much they get consumed by their own delusions until they eventually start thinking they are doing the right thing. None of his “prophecies” have ever came true. And for the record…Taylor most likely knew that Trump was going to run before the announcement…Via a military insider. I’m not that stupid Mark Taylor….The military came to Trump and begged him basically to run. HE didnt run on his own accord folks! And Taylor has most likely gotten this word from an insider in the military. Just like Kim Clement. That dude did NOT predict shit! He was another Benny Hinn! Taylor is a holy rolling pseudoApostle!

    • Obviously you have not listened to all the prophetic words. Time will reveal what unfolds. Let God take care of His children. Have enough faith in the Holy Spirit to do His job. We are all individuals and have the capability of Hearing the Holy Spirit and discerning truth. I believe in the wait and see theory instead of playing God. You are helping to divide the church and allowing Satan to get your goat which is what Mark is definitely doing to you but if someone gets your goat you have a goat to get so what is the Holy Spirit trying to teach you regarding the Fruit of the Spirit? I love you brother because I have a brother just like you.

      • What is there to? When a supposed “prophet” says D J Trump will be president in 2012, and does NOT, then also says, D J Trump will be president in 2020 and does NOT, how is that not listening?

  3. Markus your language reflects your character and judgement on someone sold out to the Lord. You would reflect the character of Christ if you did not spew out such hatred toward someone who has given his life to Christ. Jesus said “leave them” if they are following Christ but not like you think they should. I feel love from Marks character but I feel hatred from yours. It’s the job of the Holy Spirit to straighten us out. We pray for them in love not vomiting hate. We ALL need to repent, including you!

  4. Clarification:
    Markus when I said “leave them” I meant leave them alone. I was referring to Luke 9:50
    “Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.” NIV
    Mark is not against you but you are against him.
    Romans 13:8 “owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.” NKJV
    “Work out your own salvation “. Philippians 2:12-13
    Let us Love one another because lastly Jesus said, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, IF you love one another.” John 13:35. NIV
    Let’s build up His Church by Christ’s love not satan’s hatred. “For God so loved the WORLD that He gave His only begotten Son”. John 3:16
    Let’s love one another for the Glory of God and not allow our egos to get in the way of the Holy Spirit’s job.

    • So, we should just love Mark, applaud every time he lies to people, buy all his books , make him more money by watching his vids, ……..
      You are soooooooooooo gullible!!

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