Twitter Locks Christian’s Account For Tweeting In Favor Of Voter ID


The two social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, have virtually replaced our representative government in America by governing the two most widely used forms of communication in the world like fascists and censoring free speech. It used to be, at least in America, that you could say what you wanted and that free speech was protected. Now, two corporate giants are allowed to moderate the speech of the world according to their own standards — and those standards are anything but favorable to conservatives.

Back in March, we reported on how Twitter sent an American conservative journalist –operating in America — a legal notice that she had violated Pakistan’s “blasphemy laws” against Islam. Further, Reformation Charlotte broke the story on how Vimeo, the online video hosting giant, banned a church’s account because they spoke out against homosexuality.

Now, Twitter has banned another conservative Christian’s account because he posted a tweet about the necessity of Voter ID in America — a cause progressives hate because illegal immigrants wouldn’t be able to vote for them. The reasoning? Posting “misleading information about voting.” … Right!

No photo description available.

Christians and conservatives, if you can’t see the persecution coming our way, you are completely blind. It’s time to wake up and see what’s happening — and prepare ourselves. They are not going to let up.

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