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Desiring God Author Teaches That Gender is Independent of Biological Sex


You may have read in recent days about the lesbian from Campus Crusade who has been teaching a pro-homosexual message to children in CRU as well as being platformed by The Gospel Coalition. Rachel Gilson, who works for CRU as a Director of Theological Development Northeast, said in a recently uncovered video that, even in the context of “gay marriage” God hates divorce, and said that it’s okay for gay couples, after they come to Christ, to remain legally married so long as they remain celibate. If that isn’t an affirmation of gay marriage, I’m not exactly sure what is, but Gilson has a long history of teaching heresy when it comes to the theological perspective on sexuality.

My first article on Gilson a few days ago was in reference to Gilson’s public statement to a group of students at a CRU conference where she stated that “there is no command in Scripture to be straight.” As biblically nonsensical of a statement as that is, TGC types, like Joe Carter, rushed to her defense, insisting that she held to an orthodox Christian view of sexuality.

Well, guess what, she doesn’t.

In an article penned at Desiring God — the ministry of one of Big Eva’s favorites, John Piper — Gilson clearly teaches that gender is independent of biological sex. She writes,

How do you know you are a woman or a man?

Perhaps you would simply say, “Because of my body.” After all, the physical differences between males and females are not difficult to spot. This objective, physical reality is what the word sex describes.

Yet many of us concede that we also feel like a man or a woman. How do we describe this feeling? Surely it doesn’t have to mean full alignment with the qualities our culture often assigns to men and women.Though transgender is an umbrella term for many experiences, at its most basic, it describes people whose internal, subjective sense of gender or identity doesn’t match the objective sex they were born into.

. . .

The ways we live out our given sex in the world is commonly known as gender. Gender can be manifested in how we dress, the hobbies we have, the roles we play. We fall all along the spectrum of how closely we align to various (and changing) cultural gender expectations and expressions. This is normal.

Teaching that gender is independent of biological sex is the exact opposite of a biblical worldview on sexuality. Gender is not fluid. Gender is sex. The Bible tells men to act like men (1 Corinthians 16:13). Why? Because your gender is your sex — you don’t get to choose how you want to act based on how you feel. It’s nonsense.

Reality check: these are the kind of people who are being platformed by The Gospel Coalition, The Southern Baptist Convention, and mainstream evangelicalism. The institutions that Al Mohler and Danny Akin insist aren’t sliding to the liberal left. One of two things is happening here. Either all of these supposedly conservative evangelicals are being duped by these radical feminists and LGBTQ activists — or, more likely, they’re all on board with it.

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  1. You clearly have not read much on Rachel Gilson or know much about the Bible. She does not believe gender is fluid- she believes people FEEL gender is fluid. She would whole-heartedly agree that gender is assigned through creation- through biology. She was merely stating what the experience is like being transgender, which is definitely how some people feel. People that let their feelings rule every decision or opinion they have probably don’t know Christ, which Rachel would agree with. She experiences same-sex attraction, yet does not act on it anymore and has a husband. Tell me- how is that unbiblical and heresy? That she turns away from her struggles and gives her weaknesses to Jesus to walk in His strength? That’s pretty dead on biblical to me. What is heresy is accusing someone falsely and judging without reading into a whole story. What is heresy is not acknowledging that people struggle with temptation IN EVERY WAY we could imagine, and the Bible does support that. Hebrews says that Jesus was tempted in every way, yet without sin. So Jesus knows what it’s like to feel the temptations of being transgender, homosexual, etc. He just did not act on it or let his thoughts go there. Don’t think Jesus is blind to our struggles and doesn’t empathize. That’s heresy and unbiblical. Jesus can save us from our sins, but the reality is, we might always struggle, even in following Jesus. After reading this article, it’s clear you struggle with pride like the Pharisees. Does that mean you’re going to hell? No. If you’re confessing your sins and trying to walk in the power of Jesus away from those sins to His glory, that’s what matters. Don’t misconstrue someone’s words and who they are before actually reading more of their stuff. It’s ridiculous that you posted one little snipit of something someone wrote and you assume you know all of their stances on biblical things. Do your research instead of spreading lies. Praying God guides you to see your own faults before you falsely accuse someone else.

  2. ” So Jesus knows what it’s like to feel the temptations of being transgender, homosexual, etc.” No He didn’t. THAT is heresy.

    ‘Same-sex attraction’ is not merely an external temptation -James (1:14,15) says “each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.” His own desire…… Sin is in our hearts, our nature, it is not merely in our deeds. (This was the root of the Pelagian heresy.)

    Our Lord’s human nature was not a fallen nature; he certainly knew what lusts and desires were in the hearts of men and women—Scripture says so. But that does not mean he experienced those lusts and desires himself. He was tempted as we are, yet without sin (Heb.4:15). Not just without sinning (the NIV is unhelpful here). As Calvin remarks, “adding without sin implies that the author is referring to feelings, which in Christ were always right and pure, but in us are always sinful on account of the depravity of our nature.” The Lord Jesus was impeccable.

    So He does not empathize with us, but as Scripture says, He does sympathize. Look up the definitions, here for example: https://www.diffen.com/difference/Empathy_vs_Sympathy

    If you believe otherwise, there are some dreadful consequences, such as: (1) If the Lord Jesus actually experienced sinful desires, then He cannot save us. (2) If sinful desires are part of an unfallen nature, then there will be sin in the new heavens and new earth.

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