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Bethel Pastor Says Jesus Asked Him For Forgiveness



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Frankly, Bethel Church in Redding California is no church at all. It is a blasphemous, idolatrous organization ran by gospel-distorting men and women who do nothing more than lead people right into the hands of the enemy. From its faux signs and wonders to its rank heretical prosperity gospel, it can safely be concluded that Bethel Church should be marked and avoided at all costs.

Yet, much of its musical trash is still spread throughout mainstream denominations and independent churches around the world. Some who would even be considered “doctrinally sound” churches have turned a blind eye to the apostasy of this organization in the name of artistic license in worship. For whatever reason, many gospel-preaching pastors fail to see the heresy of those whose false gospel they relentlessly preach against. In other words, they will claim the abhor the prosperity gospel all while inviting the worst propagators of them into their pulpits through “worship.”

But it should be understood that the prosperity gospel, charismaticism, and its faux signs and wonders aren’t the only heresies coming out of Bethel Church. One Bethel pastor, Seth Dahl, a youth leader, claims Jesus asked him for forgiveness.

Let’s just be clear — Jesus needs forgiveness for absolutely nothing. This is pure blasphemy any way you spin it. It is a matter of fact that absolutely nothing in this man’s testimony is true. If he truly had this experience he claims he had, then he had an encounter with a demon, not Jesus.

Some might argue that the point he’s trying to make is that people who are angry with the Church are harboring anger against God. In some sense, that may be true. But the doctrine he teaches in this video is patently false. Nowhere in Scripture does it teach that Jesus is responsible for the sins of the Church and that somehow Jesus needs to be forgiven for it. Yes, Jesus bore the sins of the Church. Yes, Jesus took the punishment for the sins of the Church. No, Jesus does not need to be forgiven by anyone for any reason whatsoever. A Jesus that needs forgiveness is a false Jesus, no matter how you spin it.


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Reading about your condemnation of the prosperity gospel the article was interrupted by your ad for your shop. Hypocrisy?

Jeff Maples

Are you suggesting that making a living is the same thing as sowing seeds and using God as a genie in a bottle?


Helen, you’re reaching. That all you got?

These blasphemous, satanic sideshow carnival barkers are in for one seriously rude awakening.

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