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Thabiti Anyabwile Offers an Apology to White People?



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Thabiti Anyabwile has been one of the most outspoken promulgators of social justice and Critical Race Theory in the Evangelical Church. Anyabwile — who at some points has clearly crossed the line into rank heresy with his ideology — has indicted an entire ethnicity with the sin of racism based solely on the color their skin.

Anyabwile has been the Evangelical mouthpiece for the liberal left when it comes to race relations. Barring no infiltration of enemies of the gospel, Anyabwile has even summoned atheists to convince the Church of slave reparations. In short, Anyabwile has turned the gospel into a divisive push for social justice and economic equality.

Today, Anyabwile offered an “apology” for all of this, stating “I want to address those who have been hurt. To those genuinely offended and sinned against, I want to offer a sincere apology for several things.” The article, titled “Errata: An Apology to Some Evangelicals,” appears to have been first named “Errata: An Apology to White Evangelicals.” The following tweet shows a snippet from the article which appears to have been since removed.

Interestingly, the article now nowhere even mentions the word “white,” let alone references those “white evangelicals” that he injured. It now merely says “some evangelicals.” At any rate, the apology he offered appears to be more of a signaling of his virtue than any heartfelt apology. Its purpose — which appears to be clearly accomplished — seems to be to legitimize himself in the face of his harshest critics — the Reformed camp.

A summary of his apology — a list of seven things he asks forgiveness for — is here:

  • Writing out of fear and anger
  • Writing indiscriminately
  • Writing before having all of the facts
  • Having a harsh tone
  • Misrepresenting people’s motives
  • Acting out of hopelessness
  • Not apologizing sooner.

Let’s be clear — he has done all of these things. Yet, not once, anywhere in this apology, has he actually specifically made an apology for that which he is most guilty of — blatant racism, slander, and distorting the gospel. Again, Anyabwile has rabidly lashed out at an entire ethnic group laying the guilt of all of the sins of racism on the shoulders of all whites living today by mere virtue of the color of their skin. Ranging from accusations of ill-gained wealth to complicit racism, Anyabwile and those who along with him have advanced this narrative have sown more discord in the Evangelical Church than any other ideology in modern history. He has even attempted to hi-jack the pro-life movement in order to do so.

So, unless Anyabwile is willing to specifically name these things he’s done and repent of them, one can only conclude that he has no other purpose than to garner the sympathy of his critics making it more difficult for them to be critical of his positions. Notice, he never actually admitted that any of his positions or ideology is wrong. Personally, I don’t care about his tone nor do I care about most of these points he apologized for. I care that he’s distorted the gospel by conflating law and grace as well as justice and mercy while advancing a God-hating secular theology that has been born out of the pits of Hell — and it looks like he has no intention of stopping that either.

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Personally, I don’t buy it, and people will hate me for it. But if I’m wrong, time will tell and I will stand corrected.


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