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“Prophetic Deliverance Minister” Says Jesus Crawled Into Bed With Her And Played With Her Hair


The obvious question to ask here is if this is for real or some kind of sick joke. I can assure you, besides the fact that the news outfit that published this article in the first place being a sick joke, this story is completely true.

A former psych ward patient claims she was delivered from her addiction to drugs when Jesus got in bed with her and comforted her. A traumatized woman who faced physical and emotional abuse as a child sought treatment at a faith-based rehabilitation center where she continued to smuggle drugs and use them during her treatment. After years of abusing psychotic drugs — known for altering one’s sense of reality — Jenna Winston says one night she fell out of bed where she then had this bizarre encounter.

“Jesus was going into that darkness, and it had to leave,” Winston says. “I had this moment where I just started screaming, and all the rage and anger inside me came out. I screamed forever. I remember falling out in my bed spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted.

“And Jesus crawled in that bed with me and just started to play with my hair,” Winston says. “He goes, ‘I am so sorry for the things that happened to you that made you not want to feel. And if you trust Me, I’m going to make every day of your life better than any day that you ever lived.'”

Now let that sink in for a moment. A woman is on and addicted to mind-altering drugs, has a bizarre encounter with ‘Jesus,’ and is then released from the faith-based psych ward and becomes a “prophetic deliverance minister.”

Sadly, this woman’s abuse continues. Only today, it’s spiritual abuse at the hands of spiritual abusers and charismatics who allow her to continue to wallow in this absurd fantasy believing that this is somehow Christian. This poor woman really needs someone to tell her the real truth about who she is, and who God is. Whoever it was that crawled in bed with her that night, I can assure you that it wasn’t Jesus.

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