Nations Largest Teacher’s Union Officially Affirms Abortion as a “Fundamental Right”

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The teachers that make up the nation’s largest teacher’s union, the National Education Association (NEA) are the future of America. Keep in mind, these are the people who are educating our children. What comes out of these unions will ultimately make its way into the classrooms. Needless to say, good teachers are hard to find these days.

Recently, the NEA voted to adopt Business Item 56 which states that it “vigorously opposes all attacks on the right to choose and stands on the fundamental right to abortion” and “will honor the leadership of women, non-binary, and trans people, and other survivors who have come forward to publicly name their rapists and attackers in the growing, international, #MeToo movement.”

The measure also rejects the personhood of unborn children and their right to control their own bodies.

Furthermore, the NEA will include an assertion of our defense of a person’s right to control their own body, especially for women, youth, and sexually marginalized people. The NEA vigorously opposes all attacks on the right to choose and stands on the fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete liberal hack-job if it weren’t for it’s slight against the Trump administration and, of course, it’s intrinsic misogynistic forces behind the entire conservative movement who are at war against women. (That was sarcasm if you didn’t catch it.)

The most misogynistic forces, under Trump, want to abolish the gains of the women’s right movement.  Women’s leadership is essential for any successful egalitarian movement and therefore must be protected.

This is the future of our nation, people. Wake up to the godlessness that plagues your children and their futures.

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