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Pride Goes Before … and After Mark Driscoll’s Fall

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Mark Driscoll is the fallen pastor who resigned (was basically fired from) from the church he founded for, well, basically being a horrible person. On accusations ranging from plagiarism to bullying, one thing is for sure, Mark Driscoll was a prideful man.

In recent years, however, Driscoll has resurfaced and made a comeback (as most fallen pastors do) in the charismatic and seeker-sensitive movement. Formerly an icon for the Young, Restless, and Reformed (New Calvinist) movement, Driscoll now runs around with prosperity gospel charlatans and doctrinally vapid emergents like Perry Noble, James MacDonald, and Steven Furtick.

In an abstruse act of blinding pride, Mark Driscoll recently posts the following on Twitter, likening his sermon notes to an original manuscript of one of the Apostles earliest biblical writings:

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Of course, anyone with a modicum of self-respect can see right through the self-aggrandizing self-promotion of Driscoll. One Twitter user responded,

Got to give it to him for that one. He nailed it!

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