Presbyterian Pastor Performed Oral Sex on Men to Get Rid of “Evil Spirits”

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DAILY MAIL — A Presbyterian minister has been accused of taking advantage of troubled men who came to him for counsel by telling them that oral sex was a ‘healing method’ he used to get rid of evil spirits in them.

Reverend Dr. William Weaver, 69, removed himself Linden Presbyterian Church in New Jersey in January this year, three days before he was due to face the accusations. 

Three adult men say he told them that they had to expunge demons and evil spirits lurking in their bodies through their semen. 

The men say he would have them undress, lie flat on their backs naked and balance stones and coins on their bodies, telling them not to move while he performed oral sex on them. 

Afterwards, the men say he told them not to tell anyone about what they had done because no one would understand.

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They shared their stories with My Central New Jersey on Tuesday.   The church also found that he had downloaded gay porn to his computer, it is reported.


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