Despite New Rules Banning Homosexuals, United Methodist Church Ordains Openly Gay Pastor

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In February, the United Methodist Church, thanks to the leadership of African bishops and messengers, officially banned homosexuals from the clergy and membership of its member churches. The measure, which was unexpected as most American bishops were in favor of LGBT inclusion, enacted rules that would prevent homosexuals from promoting sexually deviant behaviors, performing same-sex weddings, etc.

The United Methodist Church, especially in America, has been apostate for years. Full of ordained females, feminists, effeminate men, and abortion supporters, the denomination has long left ranks of biblical orthodoxy and is merely a hotbed of progressive activism.

However, despite the rules enacted banning homosexual clergy, a vocal sect of the denomination has been up in arms over the measures vowing to disobey them. One church in Plano, TX recently ordained an openly gay woman as their pastor.

UM News reports,

Forty years ago, as a high school student, Jane Graner felt a call to ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church. It came not long after she discovered she was gay.

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The events were, to some degree, related.

“I thought my journey could be helpful to others,” said Graner, a cradle United Methodist. “And I thought naively that by the time I got through high school and college and seminary, there wouldn’t be any problem with being an openly gay ordained person in The United Methodist Church.”

Graner can now answer her call fully. At age 57, and 23 years after earning a seminary degree, she was ordained an elder in the North Texas Conference during a June 3 worship service at Christ United Methodist Church.

Wearing her late mother’s cross and with her late father’s Rotary medallion in her pocket, Graner got hands laid on her and accepted her stole with 19 others becoming fully connected elders or deacons.

“This has taken so long to get here, and it feels wonderful,” a teary Graner said afterwards.

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