“Pastor” Says Protesting Abortion is “Childish”


The debate between those who don’t believe in abortion and those who do is dichotomous — at least it should be. Abortion is murder, plain and simple. And not only does God forbid the unjust taking of one’s life — so does federal law and laws of most civilized nations. Murder is recognized as an affront to God and humanity.

Yet, the interpretation of our nation’s laws and constitution are still debated — mainly, between the godly and the godless. One pastor in the United Church of Christ declares that fighting abortion is childish, and attempts to make a case for supporting abortion.

Besides the obvious fact that women are not pastors, this Reverend Jes Kast says that her parents took her to an anti-abortion protest when she was 12, but now that she’s an adult, she doesn’t think that way anymore. Let’s just be clear, this woman does anything but think like an adult — she is the epitome of childish thinking. Listen to her reasoning for advocating for abortion.

She says she got this point in the following ways:

  • A serious conversation with Scripture and a survey about what human life means and whose life has value.
  • Friendships with close clergy friends who love Jesus and have needed an abortion.
  • Reproductive care is part of Christian faithfulness. We are constantly called to support those who are the most vulnerable.
  • Efforts to erase reproductive care and ban abortion are products of white supremacy.
  • I have done a LOT of listening and prayer to lead me here.

Then she goes on to make the case that abortion is necessary because “children will suffer” if women can’t kill them first. Therefore, “Christian values” says we should kill them.

Of course, she completely overlooks the Christian virtue of “thou shalt not murder.” Is it really that difficult? Of course, she isn’t a Christian by any discernible standard, however, these people masquerade around in the name of Christ blaspheming Him and very few real Christians are speaking out against them.

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