Study Finds LGBTQ People “Less Religious” Than Straight People

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The headline sounds like something off a comedy television series. Really though, can someone just say “well duhhh.” Did this really require a study? Homosexuals aren’t religious because, well, they’re homosexuals — and God hates homosexuality. It’s kind of simple.

Nonetheless, a study by Pew Research was conducted and reported last week which found that “LGB adults less likely than straight Americans to say they believe in God” and “attend religious services weekly.”

According to Pew,

… gay, lesbian and bisexual adults are substantially less likely than straight adults to affiliate with a religious group. Four-in-ten (41%) identify as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular,” compared with just 22% of straight adults who say the same. (The survey asked respondents whether they identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight but did not ask about other identities related to gender and sexuality.)

Of course, the Scriptures teach that we all have an innate belief in God — that God is revealed clearly to us in creation. However, we, in our fallen nature, suppress our knowledge of God in order to placate ourselves and assuage our consciences against our sin. It is by the grace of God alone who, through His son Jesus, grants us the repentance and ability to worship and obey Him. This is true religion. So it comes as no surprise that most homosexuals reject religion altogether, as those homosexuals who do, at least for a time, try to claim religion — especially Christianity — find their efforts to be futile.

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