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Beth Moore’s Daughter Promotes Ecumenism, Charismaticism, and Social Justice, Beth Moore Agrees



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There are three things that are killing the modern Church as we know it — at least, the visible Church: Ecumenism, charismaticism, and social justice. These are three of the most subversive anti-gospel and unbiblical heresies that destroy Christians and oppose God. Beth Moore’s daughter, Melissa, is all in — in fact, states that she has zero interest in a Church that isn’t all in on these heresies. Beth Moore affirms this, exposing herself for what she truly is — not a God-honoring Christian raising her daughter to do the same, but a rebellious woman who hates the Word of God.

I am zero percent interested in an anti-ecumenical, anti-charismatic, anti-social justice kind of Christianity. There are a whole lot of us who have a high view of the inspiration & authority of Scripture who find in it a different way. Let's continue in love, to hope all things. @melissamoore77 @bethmoorelpm

“I am zero percent interested in an anti-ecumenical, anti-charismatic, anti-social justice kind of Christianity,” Melissa Moore writes, “There are a whole lot of us who have a high view of the inspiration & authority of Scripture who find in it a different way. Let’s continue in love, to hope all things.”

Let’s get one thing straight, if you believe in these things, especially charismaticism, you do not have a high view of the inspiration and authority of Scripture, period. It is impossible to hold to the final authority of Scripture while being open to new revelation. It simply doesn’t work. And social justice — well, it’s heresy. You can read about that here.

But the worst part of this tweet is the obvious and glaring affirmation of ecumenism. A few years ago, Beth Moore told the world of a vision she received from God where God supposedly told her that Roman Catholics were Christians and part of the body of Christ. You can see this here.


Ecumenism is the tool of Satan used to draw people away from a right understanding of God, who He is, and what He has done for us on the cross and replace sound biblical doctrine with works righteousness — which she has already affirmed.

Is Beth Moore really a Christian? We cannot make that call for sure — but one thing is clear, Beth Moore is moving further and further from the truth by the day and is planting her feet squarely on the turf of heresy and showing absolutely no remorse for it.


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