Social Justice Warriors Want to Start Protesting Biblical Churches Who Aren’t Complicit in Their Movement

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You may remember that one of the defining attributes of the rogue Christian movement known as Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) is their hatred for the bride of Christ. Their disdain for the Church is so strong that it infects every aspect of their movement to the point that standing out in front of Bible-believing churches has become a mainstay. Those professors of Christ who turn their backs on His bride ultimately land in the same place — opposing the gospel and fighting for some kind of moral cause.

We are quickly seeing the social justice movement morph into this kind of distinct coalition of rogue professors of Christ — ultimately who turn their fire on Christians instead of the enemy.

A group of rogue social justice warriors — those who have made anti-racism, real or perceived, their primary cause in life — is now declaring war against Bible-believing churches whom they’ve labeled complicit in “institutional racism.” Bradly Mason, a degenerate rapscallion who has made social media his platform for harassing godly men, has, in particular, declared war on the members of Sovereign Nations.

A video was published on Twitter — with no context, by the way — that depicted what appears to be a police officer threatening a black kid while another person yells (falsely), “he’s got a gun.” That video can be seen here. Again, I don’t know the context of the video yet, therefore I am in no position to comment suffice it to say that if this police officer wrongly detained or threatened this kid, it is wrong and should be decried by all. However, that is not the point of this article. The point is that people like Bradly Mason use this to try to paint those against the current Zeitgeist of social justice in the Church as “racist” and “supporting” of this kind of thing.

In the comments of the thread of this post, one pastor declares war against churches that he arbitrarily decides is complicit in this. Reading between the lines, it’s easy to see that those who are complicit to which he refers are men like Josh Buice, James White, Phil Johnson, and even John MacArthur. Carl Day writes,

To which Bradly Mason responds,

Of course, it’s completely asinine to label entire groups of people as racist because of the bad moves of a few people — but that is their agenda. They seek the destruction of all of modern society and desire all structure be torn down into chaos. They see everything through the lens of Critical Race Theory and read racism into everything. Instead of being about the gospel — because humanity is fallen and sinful, you know — they are about revolt and uprising against those they perceive as oppressors. Their worldview is completely ungodly and unbiblical.

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