Communist Pope Says He Will Rebuke the Border Wall to Trump’s Face


The book of Revelation speaks of a harlot world leader who commits fornication with the kings of the Earth. Nobody currently embodies the Revelation 17 description more so than the current pope. Everywhere you turn, you see this demon-inspired man meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations — influencing and advocating for globalist and leftist world policies and opposing conservative ideologies.

Yesterday, the pope announced that he would condemn the proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall directly to Donald Trump. According to Televisa News, “Pope Francis said he was willing to personally tell US President Donald Trump that it is wrong to build border walls and seemed to warn him not to resume the policy of separating migrant families.”

“I do not know what happens when this new culture enters to defend territories making walls, right? We already knew one, the one in Berlin, which caused a lot of pain and a lot of suffering,” he said.

“And to separate the children from the parents goes against the natural right and those Christians … cannot be either. It is cruel. It falls into the greatest cruelty. To defend what? The territory, or the economy of the country or who knows what.”

Parroting the exact talking points of Evangelical leaders who oppose anything and everything Donald Trump, the pope makes false arguments against the border wall, claiming that it “separates families” and “causes pain,” laying the blame of these hardships on the citizens who desire law and order — as the Scriptures command — rather than on those who commit crimes.

The pope also says he rejects the criticism of conservative Roman Catholics who call him a “heretic.”

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