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Woke Christianity is Not Christian, It’s a Wicked, Anti-Christ Religion



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Woke Christianity is the newest movement in the evangelical Church that is causing a wave of division unseen and unmatched in the history of the Church since the Protestant Reformation. Led by outspoken “woke” social justice warriors — like Thabiti Anyabwile, Eric Mason, Jemar Tisby, Russell Moore, and Kyle Howard — this movement has spawned a completely new religion in and of itself.

The movement has hijacked the Christian Church, disguising itself as a gospel-centered movement calling for reconciliation, it has done nothing but create division. While there have always been denominational differences, the true Church has been united around the essentials of sound biblical doctrine and truth — until recently.

I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.

Romans 16:17

These men named above are the embodiment of Romans 16:17. The body of Christ has stood on sound biblical doctrine and its historic creeds, yet these factious men are hell-bent on sowing discord. Their ideology is not derived from Scripture, but secular thought rooted in Marxism and Critical Theory — which is designed from its core to tear down society. They have rewritten the gospel to include works, which include atonement for the sins of ancestors through acts of reparations and the notion that it is sinful to be “white.”

Thabiti Anyabwile — who has completely slipped into the realm of heresy — says that to oppose reparations is demonic. Worse, they have hijacked the pro-life movement — a biblical movement that calls for actual biblical justice — and have turned it into a crusade for social justice.

They are not after biblical reconciliation by any means. They are willing to turn over the entire history of the orthodox Christian Church, disposing of all of the great leaders and theologians of history, and replace it with a new “woke” theology rooted in James Cone’s Black Liberation Theology.


These false teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, must be purged from the ranks of the Christian Church. Those who support them or promote them must also be held accountable. They cannot be welcomed in Bible-believing churches and they must be opposed by any who desire to be obedient to the Word of God.

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.

Galatians 1:8

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Wendy Range

I guess you're scared because a day of reckoning is coming!!! There will be a day when all you homophobic, racist fucks will have to answer! See you in hell!

Joseph A

You first. Going home with God in Jesus name. So repent there is time for one. Heresy is heresy!


So when these men were preaching as you pleased they were considered brothers in the faith. Now that they are calling for justice they are "wolves" . That's shameful of you to mischaracterize these men and women without presenting any biblical evidence or exegesis to the contrary of their message. You didn't even discuss their actual message. You just used incendiary words like hijacked, reparations and liberation theology to make your point. I have a question. Have you reached out to any of these brothers to have a discussion on their actual teaching? Your actions don't exemplify the standards of… Read more »

Dr. Sarita Lyons

This is the most foolish excuse for staying stuck in white supremacy that I have ever heard. God rebuke you! This is the problem. Wow! Just Wow! For every Scripture inappropriately used to condemn them, there are Scriptures to affirm their prophetic voice.

John A Gronau

Schisms are an essential part of Christianity and Protestantism in particular. I fail to see why this is a controversial topic. There are many Christianities to choose from. Find one to your taste and own style of confirmation bias. Every Christian sect is doing exactly the same thing.

Miriam Jablonsky

They are not prophetic. They are at the least misguided and at the worst, heretics. Keep listening to these wolves and then in another 200 years when Blacks are still floundering, you will realize it was YOU who was the problem. Not any white man

Reformed Catholic

Its interesting that when this post first came out in May of 2019, there were no comments on it.

[…] just to be clear, this is not in reference to the Christian leaders in various denominations who long ago surrendered their moral authority to the mob. This is about ordinary […]


Jesus Christ death on the cross is enough, His death, burial, and resurrection is enough. Nothing else will do. We should not add or take away from this. Social justice and the woke church is adding to the gospel, they are saying that Jesus atonement for sins is not enough and more should be done. That is heresy. The gospel is that we all are sinners and guilty before a righteous just holy judge who is God. We are all guilty of breaking the 10 commandments, God's law. And as a side note looking at God's law, skin color is… Read more »

Sheila Smith

Do you realize that Jesus was probably a person of color ? He was most definitely Jewish! So for those of you still flirting with white supremacy and call yourself a Christian; you might want to get woke ……….

dennis richardson

All these racism accusations are rationalizations for more government and more taxation. More taxation assets once the receiver obtains them, will never fill the void of lack of faith. Just as the rich do not get adequate satisfaction from their wealth, again lack of faith. This government effort will lead to slavery again and civil war again. War the consequences of lack of faith. Work hard toward your own self made solutions but maintain faith while you work for your own well being. Protestant Work Elitic; if the price for a item that you want is too high, create an… Read more »


Wow, this is from 2019! I wish I had found it at that time. This "woke" cult is taking over, everywhere. Thank you for speaking out.

TJ Hunt

Author, you are exactly right about your characterization of "Woke Christianity".


Satan is creating division. Satan is building on our most sensitive failures. Satan is taking control daily, when we allow those whispers and loud shouts, to cause emotional reactions. Satan wants nothing more than to see God's people weary, angry, revengeful, and spiritually void. Evil is everywhere if we allow it to take hold of our senses. I wish not to be judged by the color of my skin…but the content of my character…I apologize for plagiarizing a great man! I have lived a long time and it only takes one generation to change our culture and our thoughts of… Read more »

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