Will Evangelicals Be as Outspoken About Buttigieg’s Sexual Immorality as They Are About Trump’s?

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There is no doubt that the Evangelical church is quickly turning into a liberal garbage dump. So many of the major figureheads of Evangelicalism — Russell Moore, Tim Keller, JD Greear, et. al. — have been promoting and normalizing Democrat politics for years. Their main beef with Donald Trump — at least they publicly claim — is his brazen sexual immorality.

To be fair, Donald Trump is a personally immoral man. Despite false teacher, Paula White’s claim that Trump came to Christ before his election, Donald Trump has consistently rejected the biblical gospel while claiming he has no sins to repent of and has shown no fruits of salvation. However, nobody can argue that Donald Trump has not legislated like a conservative.

However, the anti-Trump sentiment rampant in the leadership in the Southern Baptist Convention and The Gospel Coalition types pervades social media. The argument has been that Donald Trump is sexually immoral and unfit for office. I suspect, however, that most of these people don’t care about his sexual immorality — they care more that he’s governing like a conservative. Chiefly, they hate that he wants to secure the borders.

It’s difficult to make the case — though they have tried — that desiring to secure the borders is anti-Christian. The arguments simply don’t work. But they try to paint conservatives as “not caring about the dignity” of immigrants, etc. Most people don’t buy it. However, where they believe they can prick the conscience of Christians is by painting those who vote for Trump as complicit in Trump’s sexual immorality.

As I’ve written before, in the position that Donald Trump is in right now as president, his personal sexual immorality should carry very little, if any weight in the Christian’s decision to vote for him. You can read about that here, but to sum up, Donald Trump isn’t trying to legislate his sexual immorality into national policy.

However, Pete Buttigieg — and Democrats in general — have a campaign platform of sexual immorality. Sexual immorality is their national policy agenda. They not only live and breathe sexual immorality, they want to give national approval to those who do. They want to increase gay rights, gay weddings, and government protections and rewards for those who practice sexual immorality. And according to Scripture, this calls for the judgment of God (Romans 1:18-32 specifically, Romans 1:32).

So will these same people be as outspoken against Pete Buttigieg — the homosexual front runner for the Democratic presidential primary — as he promotes his liberal politics while holding hands, kissing, and doing whatever else homosexuals do with his gay lover? Will they guilt Christians against voting for him because of his sexual immorality? Or will they overlook his sexual immorality because he’s in favor of several of their pet national policy ideologies?

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