While the SBC Falls Apart, Top Leader Ponders the Existence of Space Aliens


Someone pinch me, please. Are we still living in reality? Sometimes you just have to sit back, take a deep breath, and try to wrap your head around the insanity that surrounds the current day. Like, seriously, what is going on? Have people lost their minds?

The current state of the Evangelical Church, particularly the Southern Baptist Convention, is dire — hanging on by a thread. In fact, many have argued that the ship has completely sailed and the SBC has reached a point of no return. I tend to agree with that sentiment. The Convention is plagued with feminism, social justice has wreaked havoc and destroyed churches from the foundation up, and those grievous sins — the ones we thought would never overtake us — are now knocking at the door and its desire is for us all.

While most sane, level-headed people can see that this is no doubt a contention reaching an inevitable tipping point, most of the Church’s leaders are sitting in their ivory towers pretending like nothing is happening. It’s really fascinating to watch. One can only wonder if these people are simply so thick-headed that they don’t realize the havoc they’re wreaking and the division they’re causing in the body of Christ, or if they know full well what they’re doing, and they get some kind of sick satisfaction from it. I tend to lean toward the latter.

While this is all going on, Russell Moore, head of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission — arguably the most influential Evangelical organization in the world– rants and raves about a new YouTube channel he’s started where he discusses things like Enneagrams and Space Aliens. Seriously? I’d like to know what planet Russell Moore is on. You can view the colossal waste of Southern Baptist money below:

The Southern Baptist Convention is — by all discernible standards — heading for destruction in a handbasket. And Russell Moore is one the ones carrying it. How any God-fearing church, at this point, after witnessing the turmoil and division he’s put the Church through, could still support the ERLC’s mission is beyond astounding. Simply the lack of self-awareness, the nonchalant attitude, and the sharp direction the Convention has turned at his wheel should be enough to bring pause.

Stop supporting the ERLC.

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