Kenneth Copeland Gets Caught Off Guard Defending Lavish Lifestyle

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In 2015, I broke the story of Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis defending their purchase of private jets and lavish lifestyle where he and his friend Jesse Duplantis stated that they didn’t want to be in a commercial jet filled with demons.

Inside Edition caught up with Copeland and caught him off guard where he was forced to defend his comments. Copeland became increasingly angry and agitated with the interviewer. At one point, he put his finger in her face and yelled at her.

Asked about his use of donor funds for living his lavish lifestyle and private jets, he laughs and says “you caught me off guard.” Then Jesse Duplantis can be saying,

For those who think I shouldn’t have that plane, God told me to have that plane!

You can see the report here:

And you can watch the entire interview here:

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