Perry Noble Says Gluttony is Worse Than Abortion and Homosexuality


Perry Noble is the befallen alcoholic pastor who was fired from New Spring Church, the Southern Baptist church he founded in Anderson, SC. After a short interim, Noble began to make inroads back into the pulpit. It began when he started guest preaching again at Elevation Church with Word of Faith superstar, Steven Furtick.

Perry Noble has never been known for good doctrine. For him, it has always seemed to be more about the money and image than anything. Interestingly, he now comes out against the Church for standing against homosexuality and abortion claiming that the Church is more interested in their image than the “hell” these people go through.

On his Facebook page, Noble writes,

And so when I hear church people scream about abortion – my mind doesn’t automatically go to Bible verses and pithy sayings, but rather how many women may have chosen a different path…if the church was known more for their compassion than their condemnation.

Maybe Planned Parenthood and the Democratic party are not to blame…

Maybe the church has responsibility as well!

He then continues on to homosexuality,

He is gay!

And – he’s always been that way, at least that’s what he told me.

He tried to be attracted to women – but – he just can’t.

He been called a “fag” and a queer” most of his life (from…people who claim to be Christians.)

But – he’s finally comfortable with his sexuality–and really does love Jesus.

“But how can a person be gay and love Jesus,” you ask?

Well – how can a person be fat and love Jesus?

As I read about the seven deadly sins found in Scripture – gluttony is listed, abortion and homosexuality are not.

You can read his entire diatribe here.

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