Al Mohler: Scripture is Clear, Women Do Not Preach to Gathered Assembly


Unless your head has been stuck under a rock for the last few months, you’re probably aware of the controversy brewing in the Southern Baptist Convention regarding the movement of women preaching to the gathered Church. Of the most notorious of these women leading the charge of rebellion against the authority of Scripture is Beth Moore. Beth Moore has relentlessly devoted her life to preaching and defending her “right” to preach to not just women, but men in an assembly of saints gathered for worship.

Moore has argued that those who hold to the biblical doctrine of male headship over the local church are “power hungry” and “misogynistic” and that regardless of what position her denomination takes, she will continue to rebel.

Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary explains in his recent Ask Anything podcast that women preaching to men is a theologically and biblically indefensible practice and should not be done. While we hold strong disagreements with Al Mohler on other key issues in the Southern Baptist Convention — namely the social justice issue — it appears that Mohler is taking a hardline (and correct) stance on this issue.

Of course, this is not limited merely to Sunday morning worship services — it would include any assembly of Christians gathered for the purpose of teaching Scripture and worship. This would include local church conferences as well where people are gathered for the purpose of worship and teaching Scripture. This would also include gatherings of Christians in a local coliseum for this same purpose. Women preaching, especially to me, is biblically unacceptable and indefensible.

Mohler explains that one cannot be a complementarian at all while believing that women are allowed to preach to a gathering of saints. He is absolutely correct on this issue.

Watch, starting at the 8:58 mark below:

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