The Bible and Sacrifice by Abortion

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I recently heard about the person described in this news story. He claims to be a Christian abortionist who is doing God’s work. However, according to the words of that God, the man is an apostate under judgment for pagan sacrifice. I am sad to say that the reason that the Bible addresses his remarks is that he is not the first to do so. His particular form of apostasy is an ancient one.

They [i. e., Israel] served their idols,
     which became a snare to them.
They sacrificed their sons
     and their daughters to the demons;
they poured out innocent blood,
     the blood of their sons and daughters,
whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan,
     and the land was polluted with blood.
Thus they became unclean by their acts,
    and played the whore in their deeds.

– Psalm 106:36-39

In times of low spiritual condition, the ancient Israelites adopted the practice of their pagan neighbors of sacrificing their own children to pagan gods in order to gain prosperity for themselves. Instead of having children who would be a financial burden, they turned them into a supposed resource for purchasing economic advancement. is that not essentially what most supporters of abortion claim now?

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