ERLC Enlists Woman Who Exploits Her Body as a Resource on Parenting


The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) — a Southern Baptist Entity led by Russell Moore — may be religious but is anything but ethical. In fact, the ERLC is largely an outlet for left-wing political propaganda, feminism, and social justice. Its leader, Russell Moore, a former Democratic staffer also receives funding from billionaire globalists like George Soros through his Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) to advance left-wing political politics such as open-borders and amnesty.

The ERLC, being largely a secular organization with a moralistic Christian facade, will enlist just about anyone who is on board with their ideology, including people who exploit their own bodies for laughs. That is, until they get caught. A few years ago, the ERLC scrubbed all evidence of a radical animal rights activist they enlisted to promote animal rights once it was brought to light and people started to complain.

Now, a woman named Shannon Dingle — who was enlisted by the ERLC as an advocate for parenting children with disabilities — has been exposed on Twitter talking about her female parts hanging on the wall of a doctor’s office while she’s decorating it and laughing about it.

Previously, you could find the links to her articles at the ERLC website here, however, this link has now been scrubbed. A version dating back to 2017 can still be seen at the Wayback Machine’s archive here. At the time of this writing, some of her videos are still present on the ERLC Vimeo page. The ERLC has a habit of just magically making things disappear when they become no longer convenient or useful to them. Rather than acknowledging it was a mistake to enlist such a person, they just pretend it never happened.

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