Why A Radical Feminist Denounced Abortion and Apologized to the Church


It’s no longer an exclusive movement that aims to fight for the voting rights of women. But we all already know the full blown issue feminism has become, especially where its third wave is concerned. There is a growing mistrust brewing between men and women across the world, the seeds of hatred between God’s children being sown even further. These issues appear to fester over baseless nonissues, and over opinions that have been momentous in changing the world.

There is no denying that “feminism” has become something of a buzzword that is being touted by (mainly) capitalistic enterprises for the purposes of exploitation. Take Gillette for example. More and more brands emerge who want to be seen as feminist because it sells—because it has become a phenomenon almost as diseased as nationalism. And it’s not heretics or hateful bigots who are becoming increasingly concerned about the problem that is growing with Western liberal feminism. Journalists from The Guardian and scholars like Martha Nussbaum have all been voicing their opinions for a long time now. This consumer feminist group of women, sadly, also dominates the debate over human lives when it comes to abortion—and that for us is greatly concerning.

Cases of Blatant Double Standards

It is important to mention two things here: that in the current feminist scenario, harassment stays the number one issue, upon which they fashion all their actions. The second thing to mention here is that when one of their own is ousted as a harasser, they don on the garbs of hypocrisy.

It recently came to light that a Professor at the New York University, Avita Ronell, had been involved in a long series of harassments with her male students. One student finally decided to come out, and revealed the unwanted and inappropriate advances being made towards him by Professor Ronell. He had evidence of the misdemeanor, in the form of emails that were sent to him by the Professor. NYU began an internal investigation, and all was hush-hush.

Feminism and Abortion

Until major contemporary post-modern figures jumped on the wagon and began defending Avita Ronell—despite the fact that there was concrete evidence against her. A long letter was written, signed by major leftists (two notable nameswere that of leading leftist academics Judith Butler and Slavoj Zizek), and was addressed to NYU. The writers of the letter advocated for the good character of Avita Ronell, dismissing the claims of harassment made by a student (who, in this specific power structure—a word post-modern feminists like to use excessively—was rendered completely powerless).

Bear in mind that had the same behavior, the same advocacy arisen from a group of men who didn’t embrace the feminism card, they would have been maligned and booed at.

This brings us to our original problem: the arrogance and refusal to accept anything that makes sense until it aligns with their own ideas and logic.

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Feminism and Abortion

There has long been a contention between those who are pro-life and those who prefer to maintain agency over their bodies. While desiring the right to have control and autonomy over your own bodies is no issue, when you end up harming the life of another in the process, it becomes a problem for all of humanity. It becomes murder. It is appalling that in our politically correct present, where animals are revered for having feelings (vegan stats) we still have people who do not accord the unborn with the same respect.

Some, however, come to their senses sooner or later—well if sooner, regretful if later. Sara Giromin, or Sara Winter, is one of these women. Former leader for the Brazil chapter of FEMEN (that radical Germany-based group that likes going topless at major events in public), she has recently come out renouncing Feminism. That she apologizes to fellow Christians for bad behavior implies that there’s bad blood running between Feminism and the Christian ideals. She further details, in a book, how the third wave is rooted in hatred and abuse.

The issue that she chooses to eschew her former movement is abortion. It was only after she got abortion done that she was filled with regret and apologized to the Church for her actions. Sara Winter has denounced her former alliance—perhaps we can say that Winter is finally coming (to her senses).

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