First, TGC Pushes Gay Singleness, Now, Single-Parent Adoption


Back in January, The Gospel Coalition began an endeavor to promote single-parent adoptions and enlisted a gay Anglican priest as the poster child for this push. Sam Allberry, founder of the gay Christian ministry, Living Out, asks churches to get behind singles in their congregation who want children and help them to adopt. You can see that here.

The notion that singles — particular, same-sex attracted singles — are fit to adopt children is biblically absurd. Allberry, who describes himself as someone who has “sexual, romantic and deep-emotional attractions to people of the same sex” and is a regular contributor for The Gospel Coalition advocates for a life of singleness and abstinence (rather than repentance and sanctification) for homosexuals who sexually deviant desires. In 2018, Allberry spoke at the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) advancing these ideas and called for a redefinition of “family” to include — instead of one mother, one father, and their children — the entire church.

The breakdown of the nuclear family is the progressive left’s most damaging weapon in their arsenal as the nuclear family has been the foundation of strength in a healthy society. When the nuclear family is destroyed, sexual anarchy can be achieved. To assert that children can thrive in single-parent homes is not only statistically and practically unfeasible, it is contradictory to what the Scriptures teach about families and raising children and implies that The Gospel Coalition has a better way than God. It is anti-gospel to promote such a thing as normative.

Now, The Gospel Coalition has enlisted another person to advance this same idea. This time, ex-lesbian, Rosaria Butterfield is saying the exact same thing. In this video, she asserts that “single people are needed” to adopt children while Dennae Pierre insists that “it takes a community to parent your children.” (Begins at about the 2:50 mark.)

No. No. No. and No. Single parent adoption is exactly the opposite of what the Bible has in mind for families.

Essentially, what The Gospel Coalition is promoting is the idea that gay, unmarried men and women should take the Church’s children home with them at night, bathe them, feed them, and take care of them, then bring them back to their family on Sunday mornings.

The idea that because their aren’t enough married couples adopting children therefore we need to enlist singles so as to “rescue” them from the culture is not biblical. It’s pragmatic, at best, but in reality, it’s a subversive notion that moves the paradigm one step closer to LGBT tolerance, acceptance, and full inclusion.

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This is ludicrous and the fact that Evangelicals aren’t showing the least bit of concern about this is even worse. The subversive and dangerous ideologies pouring from the seams of The Gospel Coalition and the ERLC continue to infect unthinking minds that fill the pews. First, we open the doors to unregenerates and allow them seats at the Lord’s table. Then we use them to push Democrat politics and teach that liberalism is a formidable and viable alternative to conservatism. Then we teach that unrepentant homosexuals can be true, born-again Christians while holding onto their vile affections and dishonorable passions so long as they remain “celibate.” Then we teach that it’s not only just okay for these people to adopt children, but they are “needed.” Final step, full inclusion of sexually-deviant individuals in our churches and pews and the sexual revolution declares another victory.

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