Beth Moore Joins Gay Activist For Christian Writing Seminar


Beth Moore, the famous lady preacher who is becoming increasingly detached from reality by the day never seems to have any shortage of hot air when it comes to outlandish opinions on Church or politics. Undeterred by Scriptural exhortations to be silent and submit to her husband, she can be seen regularly preaching to men in Church and Christian settings. Beth Moore will soundly affirm pretty much anyone who seems “nice” and calls them self a “Christian” while at the same time verbally denouncing any critic who actually believes what the Bible says about false teachers. It’s just what she does.

Moore seems to continually surround herself with increasingly unsound people. Once teetering the line of orthodoxy as she began her career as a women’s Bible teacher, she soon began erratically claiming outlandish visions from God that contradict the Scriptures and it wasn’t long before she became the mainstream darling of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Written off years prior by any Christian with a modicum of biblical discernment, she began to surround herself with charismatics and Pentecostals — pretty much the melting pot for heretics of any brand. And in recent years, she’s surrounded herself on social media with LGBT activists like Rachel Held Evans, Jen Hatmaker, and Jonathan Merritt. But this, to my knowledge, is the first time she will be sharing a stage with one of them

Recently on Twitter, LGBT activist and “Christian” author, Jonathan Merritt announced his invitation to Beth Moore to join him at a Christian writing seminar.

The seminar is touted as a “team of seasoned coaches with extensive experience in books, articles, blogging, and social media throughout both the secular and Christian markets.” Merritt — son of former SBC president James Merritt — primarily writes about progressive politics and advocates for the acceptance of homosexuals in the ranks of the Christian Church.

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