Asian Writer for The Gospel Coalition Upset That Some Black People Are Too “White”


When all sanity is lost and a particular narrative is reduced to complete logical absurdity, what you end up with is a gaggle of robot-like mouthpieces who are programmed to proclaim only one thing. In this case, social justice activism.

In a comical display of total and outright insanity, a writer for The Gospel Coalition insists that black people and other non-whites need to be dealt with for their — well — “whiteness.” On Easter Sunday, Timothy Isaiah Cho — who works for Core Christianity and is tied to Michael Horton — tweeted that the resurrection is about believing in women of color and to not believe in the resurrection would be racist. You can read about that here. Several people took offense to this twisting and perversion of Scripture to advance the social justice narrative — including some women of color.

Well, apparently her “whiteness” got under the skin of one Gospel Coalition Author, Moses Lee, as he responded to this thread “It’s clear from the responses that whiteness is not limited to just white ppl.”

Stop it! Just stop already!

This is something one would expect on April 1, not April 21. I mean, it’s just so absurd that it leaves no room for any kind of response. All we can do is point out the total lunacy of the progressive social justice movement that is taking over the Evangelical Church and beg people to disassociate with it. It’s seriously just so dumb. Really dumb.

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