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Pray For Rachel Held Evans #PrayForRHE



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I want to be as graceful and as tactful as I can in this post without compromising the truth. Rachel Held Evans, a popular progressive author and professing Christian is currently in the hospital experiencing what her husband said was “unexpected symptoms” after being admitted last week for flu and UTI symptoms. Tragically, she is now in a medically-induced coma as tests have shown that her brain is in a constant state of seizures. I’m not a doctor, but this doesn’t sound good.

Honestly, I wasn’t even aware of what was going on, as I follow Held Evans on occasion to see what kind of no-good she’s up to. My website, Reformation Charlotte, is set up to automatically re-tweet old articles. Late last week, my website did just that, and it happened to be an article about Held Evans. I saw the comments that followed the tweet. They included such comments ranging from “Really sad timing to post this now,” to “Your Christian sister RHE is currently in a coma and you post this. May God’s Grace + love soften your heart.” One commenter even said of me, “The person who posted that article wouldn’t know Jesus if he chased them out of the church with a whip.”

To be clear, again, I didn’t even know the article had been reposted on Twitter — I rarely check or follow my Twitter account, it’s automated. However, I strongly disagree with the sentiments in the post. Rachel Held Evans is a false teacher and just to be frank, I have no reason to believe that she is my sister in Christ. Rachel Held Evans believes a different gospel than I do — she rejects the biblical truth of the cross and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. She teaches — and advocates for — open homosexuality in the Church which the Bible clearly teaches against.

All said and done, Rachel Held Evans is not a Christian.

And this is why I would like to pray for her. I am really sorry that Held Evans is going through this experience right now, and I am sorry that her family — her husband and children — have to endure this. The thought of young children losing their mother and a father losing his wife is tragic. Sadly, though, this isn’t the most tragic part of the story. Dreadfully, unless Rachel Held Evans repents and believes in the true Jesus, it is possible that she may wake up in an awful place, separated from the joy and peace of God. Hopefully, that won’t be the case now — and we pray that it isn’t.

One thing is for sure, though: God is sovereign, God is good, and God is just and right. Further, truth has no timing. If God mercifully chooses to bring Held Evans out of this coma and bring her back to a conscious state, she will have the chance to repent and know the savior of the world. Let’s pray for Rachel Held Evans and her family through all of this. She is a human being, created by God in His image. We have a duty, as Christians, to present the truth to her and pray for her soul.

Grace & Peace

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So grateful that my faith does not create thoughts in my head like these thoughts about RHE. I cannot imagine what that is like.

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