150 Pastors and Clergy Sign Joint Letter to Governor In Support of Abortion

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In a world that appears to be imploding on itself in a never-ending inferno of human depravity, one bright spot you could always depend on was the Church of Jesus Christ. Called to be salt and light, the Church would stand as a glimmer of light offering the hope of salvation to a hopeless world dying in their sin. While the true Church of Jesus Christ still stands, it is much harder to find in our modern world as it is overshadowed by an apostate counterfeit that has a facade of godliness but denies its power.

In all reality, the counterfeit church is even tearing off that facade as we speak. As it has already taken down countless souls and drafted them into the rank and file minions of Satan, it no longer feels the need to provide godly appearance. The world hates the people of God — and so does the counterfeit.

Recently, 150 pastors and clergy from a multitude of apostate denominations, including Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, and United Church of Christ all joined together to co-sign a letter to Tennessee governor, Bill Lee urging him to veto two bills, HB77 and SB1236 that would stifle access to abortion. Citing “bodily autonomy,” they write,

We, the undersigned, believe that all people are created in the image of God, and therefore moral agents empowered to make decisions based on their own knowledge, context, and relationship with the Divine. We oppose HB77 and SB1236, and all attempts to criminalize and restrict abortion access.

Interesting that they find abortive mothers, medical professionals, etc. to be made in the image of God — but not innocent unborn children. At least not enough to deserve life.

You can read the entire letter with its signatures, here.

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