Testimony: Finding Christ and Leaving the Masonic Lodge


The Masonic Lodge is a pseudo-religious cult that is clearly at odds with Biblical teachings on God, Christ, and salvation. Reformation Charlotte has issued calls for Freemasons who profess to be Christians to forsake the Masonic order and cling to what is true and right. Below is a testimony from an ex-Freemason named Jay from St. Augustine, FL who did just that. When he found Christ, he left the Lodge and now clings to Christ.

I was involved in the Masonic order in my early twenties. I grew up in a typical SBC church. My mom loved the Lord and my sister and I were always involved in the church.

My parents divorced when I was 10. My mom never taught us to hate my dad, she just tried to do the best she knew how to raise us. I ended up a junkie but got sober when I was 17 in a 12 step program. Once sober, I wanted to be a good son and wanted to please both of my parents. I got married at age 21 and my wife was a Christian. I was always looking for meaning and purpose and the Masonic order promised that.

My dad was a 32nd degree Mason and a Shriner but never really encouraged, but neither discouraged me either from joining. When I went through the degrees and was raised a Master Mason, I have to say it was a big let down. What they promised was not what was delivered. Fast forward to when I was 26, my dad died congestive heart failure. All I could think was: is this all there is to life? Be responsible, go to work, raise a family (we had one child and one on the way). It just seemed so meaningless.

I had a Baptist preacher officiate my father’s funeral and he didn’t preach my dad into Heaven or Hell, but he did present the gospel. The next day I went fishing with a mutual friend of my dad and myself. I remember like it was yesterday him saying “all that preacher said about heaven and hell wasn’t what was important, it’s how you lived your life that counts.” I agreed with my mouth but it was almost audible in my heart which screamed all that matters is Heaven and Hell.

Seven months went by and we had our second child, a girl, and we went to a Baptist Church. The sermon was on the prodigal son. I didn’t know if I was a prodigal or what, I only knew that I wanted to know Christ. I wanted to know the truth. The hymn of invitation was When I Survey the Wondrous Cross. I walked the aisle and in my heart, I was praying Jesus I don’t even know if you’re real but I am coming to you if you’re there.

I couldn’t get enough of the Bible and from that point forward I had no doubt that Christianity was the real truth. Two years went by and I had read about the heresy that is Freemasonry. The Worshipful Master came to my house and asked why I had not been coming to the lodge and why I had quit paying my dues. I told him I would come back and pay my dues if I was allowed to stand up and share with the lodge what had happened to me and that how I had found the ultimate truth and how Jesus had made me new and given me the true light. He said I couldn’t and I said well I can no longer be a part of the Masonic order because it was against my Lord.

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I never heard from them again.

Jay, St. Augustine, FL

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