Liberals at Evangelical University Cuss, Scream, Throw Hissy Over Mike Pence Invitation to Speak


You would think that of all the places a Christian would be safe to speak at would be on the grounds of a Christian organization. Apparently, that isn’t the case. Taylor University, an “interdenominational” Evangelical Christian University in Indiana invited Mike Pence to speak at this year’s upcoming graduation ceremony.

Keep in mind, this is ostensibly a Christian school, with Christian values, and Christian teachings. You would think that Christians would want to attend this university and you would think that upon agreeing to attend this private university, one would have the understanding that the school expects its students to agree to Christian standards it holds to.


Obviously, the school is rampant with women and effeminate boys who’ve been brainwashed by the liberal mafia into thinking that Christian schools have no business promoting Christian or conservative values. Upon the school’s announcement of Pence’s invitation, activists launched a petition calling on the school to back down. As of the time of this writing, the petition had over 3,600 signatures and growing.

One girl, Claire Hadley, claims she physically broke down in a tremorous meltdown. “I have never been made to feel so physically ill by an email before,” she writes, “I am physically shaking. The fact that the school who claims to love and support me, and each of it’s students and alum, would invite such a vile individual to speak on the most important day of the year??” The “vileness” she speaks of is Pence’s gall to stand on biblical values and govern from a standard of morality. How dare a Christian believe and practice Christianity?

Another signer of the petition comments that “if Taylor is looking for a Hossier[sic] Christian politician for the commencement they might consider inviting Pete Buttigieg.” Buttigieg is the sodomite Democrat running for president.

Still, others cuss and scream, “because i’m[sic] gay and f*** that,” and a grandmother of for Taylor University graduates complains, “if you invite this bigot I’m through making tuition payments for the rest of the family.”

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One thing is becoming more clear in this world that we live in today. God is separating the sheep from the goats. While much of the professing Church is crying and screaming for an idolatrous, unbiblical form of “unity” which is built on a godless premise, God is using the division that Jesus said he came to bring to draw clear lines between the true and the false converts.

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