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Why Do So Many Worship Leaders Look So Gay?


This is a question that I’ve been pondering for a long time. When you look at the swaths of contemporary worship singers and leaders, you see a peculiar trait that transcends a vast majority of them — they look gay.

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Newsboys – Contemporary Worship Artists

Now, I’m not arguing that they are actually gay, as in actively attracted to people of the same sex or even participating in gay things. I am, however, arguing that they are acting effeminate — something the Bible clearly teaches against. This particularly applies to men. With the women, it isn’t quite as prevalent an issue.

Phil WIckham – CCM Artist

But seriously, look at the hair. This hairstyle seems to be a very popular choice among the contemporary worship camp. It’s not manly, it’s effeminate.

What is the attraction to the tight clothing too? The vanity rampant among these people is something to be pondered. Modesty — which doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) just apply to women — has been completely abolished in this industry. The metrosexual look is a form of rebellion against biblical manhood — it’s a carnal attraction, something that the world loves — and it’s gain it’s most prominent foothold in the walls of churches around the world.

Worship has, indeed, been replaced by entertainment. Almost nothing that comes out of the modern contemporary Christian music industry can actually qualify as biblical worship. It is idolatry — it takes the glory away from God and places it on the artists. Worship is removed from God and laid at the altar of light shows, loud music, and metrosexual, effeminate men in tight clothes, women’s shoes, and feminine hair styles.

The way your worship leader presents himself at church is indicative of the amount of reverence he has for God. So this is the question: if worship is supposed to be glorifying to God, why do so many worship leaders look so gay?

Answer? Because the vast majority of the Church is unregenerate and in rebellion against God and this is what they crave. But the bottom line is that dressing gay, acting gay, and looking gay, well, that just makes you gay.

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  1. I’ve noticed this for some time. It’s good to read other discerning eyes are catching this. It’s not subtle either…but rather, blatant.

  2. I agree with this article, these worship groups are trying to look “hip.” Sorry, that word might date me! But this tight, dark, holes in jeans, gay look doesn’t glorify God, it draws attention to that worship leader. Yes, God looks on the heart, however, as a worshiper approaches God, he is entering into the presence of the Holy King of Kings! Dress appropriately, please. This whole “gay” look is the effeminazation of America, no wonder we have lost our way!

  3. I would say that is IS a problem with the women as well. Look at the outfits. They are all interchangeable. There’s no difference between the sexes. It has become normal for women to wear men’s clothing. This is evidence of the androgification (don’t know if that’s a word) of our culture.

  4. Conversely, there was a worship leader at a church I attended who dressed appropriately. In addition, when he was leading worship, I was aware of how we were focused on God. It was only when I heard him preparing and rehearsing his music that I was struck by what an incredible voice he had. I didn’t notice it in times of worship.

  5. It is so wrong to gossip and talk bad of brothers in Christ, labeling them as looking “gay” because of how they style their hair or dress. This is a terrible stereotype. Sexuality has nothing to with Looks or dress. Perpetuating this stereotype deflects from the actual sin.

    Are they trying to look “cool” to make uncool Christians seem cool? Is this heretical? No.

    Judging UNRIGHTEOUSLY is a sin you have committed. Judge righteously, judge their actions, their lyrics, their preaching, they’re conduct. But please leave disputable matters that are never mentioned in the Bible to non-believers. This is not a good look for a Christian and is not pleasing to the Lord.

    Do better. You are in a position of teaching with this site and have a higher Standard. Do everything to promote peace and unity. Don’t divide over clothes. Rightly divide their teachings.

  6. No sense pointing this out to the Laodicean church. Our mission is to the lost, not to those that prefer to be deceived. The perversion in the church is the rejection of Holiness and the Fear of God. Their son has blinded the. COME out of her my people is message that desperately needs preaching in this world today.
    To those of you that thick think this is Godly, you are NOT Christians, and need to repent.

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