Surprise! Drag Queen Story Time Turns Out to Be Infested With Child Sex Offenders


Reformation Charlotte has been following the saga of cross-dressing “drag queens” across the country who are preying on innocent children in public libraries through a popular program dubbed “Drag Queen Story Time.” The program is a public exploitation of children and used to indoctrinate young, impressionable minds into accepting the sexual perversion of the godless left. Proponents of the program have repeatedly argued that these cross-dressers are “normal” people who just need to be accepted into society.

However, the news first broke about three weeks ago that one drag queen at a Houston library had already been charged with sex crimes against children which caused the Houston public library to issue an apology. Oddly enough, no background check was performed before allowing the sexual deviant access to young children, as though the fact that a man who dresses like a woman doesn’t throw up enough red flags.

Now, another child sex predator has been uncovered in a Houston public library — this time, the man had been convicted of child sexual assault. PJ Media reports that a group by the name of Mass Resistance has been uncovering the predatory nature of these drag queens through investigative journalism.

Why it comes as any surprise that men who dress and act like women while demanding access to young children are actually child sex predators is beyond baffling. It is indeed the among the worst kind of offense to God to rebel against Him sexually and deny who He made you. Romans 1 describes this behavior as being given over to impurity, dishonoring their body, and a debased mind.

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Even worse are the parents who would take their children to be exploited by these sick and depraved individuals. It doesn’t take much common sense to know and see that these people are consumed by their sexual immorality. That one would spend so much of their life devoted to their sexuality and advocating for sexual rights speaks volumes of their mindset — they’ve got one thing that consumes their mind. Sex. Perverted sex. Who would hand their children over to these people?

This is sadly the world we live in, though. The Bible clearly teaches that the gate to destruction is wide and the path to God is narrow (Matthew 7:13-14). So many people are deceived, caught up in the culture of sex and godlessness — they are blind to the reality that their sin has overtaken and ravaged them.

Lord come soon — but in the mean time, let’s preach the gospel to them.

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