Zondervan Author, Cussing, Intoxicated, Claims Bible Contradicts Itself

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Jonathan Martin is an Emergent pastor out of Oklahoma City, OK and has authored several books published by Zondervan, including How To Survive a Shipwreck and Help is On The Way. Martin recently approached a group of open-air preachers in downtown Albuquerque, NM where he was cussing and apparently intoxicated.

After denying he was “effeminate” because he was “with a girl like this” — referencing the woman he was in the streets with — he was asked if he believed homosexuality and fornication were sins. He refused to answer the questions and became defensive.

During the exchange, Martin and his female companion made several assertions regarding the Scriptures including that the Scriptures contradict itself and that the “red-letters” — that is, Jesus’ words — took precedent over the rest of the Scriptures. He also asserted that the “whole Bible is not the words of Jesus.”

In 2017, Martin was escorted off Liberty University campus for failure to follow the proper event protocol after a concert.

HT: Christ in the Wild Ministries

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