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Top Ten False Teachers You’ll Find in Evangelical Churches



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False teachers are everywhere — they’re a dime a dozen. The Bible tells us that in the last days, many false prophets will arise and mislead many (Matthew 24:11), and we see this taking place right before our eyes. In fact, you can hardly swing a dead cat without hitting a false teacher. Just turn on TBN, you’ll see endless amounts of them. But another, more nefarious kind of false teacher is the one that lurks in otherwise common Evangelical churches. These are the ones that are more difficult to notice.

For certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Jude 1:4

False Teacher #10 – Eugene Peterson

Eugene Peterson
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Eugene Peterson sadly passed away in October 2018. Peterson was famous for his book, The Message, which he referred to as a Bible translation. The Message, however, was not an accurate translation of the Scriptures by any means, it was a complete re-write and in many cases, changing the entire meaning of the text.

Peterson was an advocate of the Emergent Church and was known for building bridges between Emergent practices, such as contemplative prayer and mysticism, with mainstream and biblical Christianity.

Eugene Peterson also came out in support of gay marriage, but then partially retracted his support after LifeWay threatened to remove his materials from inventory, stating,

That’s not something I would do out of respect to the congregation, the larger church body, and the historic biblical Christian view and teaching on marriage. That said, I would still love such a couple as their pastor. They’d be welcome at my table, along with everybody else.

A pastor is someone who is set up to guard the sheep, and the fact that Peterson believed that he could still be a homosexual couple’s pastor reveals that he believes that those living in rebellion to God could still be Christians.

False Teacher #9 – Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp
Ann Voskamp
(Photo Credit: Facebook)

Ann Voskamp is a very popular author, poet, and blogger among the ladies. She writes in a tedious, melodramatic way that most people would find cumbersome. Yet, with a captivating charisma, she’s attracted a massive following at her blog where she writes about the day-to-day happenings in her life that so many women can identify with.

However, Voskamp has stepped into the realm of Bible teacher and is also the author of many works that, while the theology is bad, are theological in nature. Voskamp portrays God’s love in a dangerous way, confusing his love for an “erotic” type of love. In her book, 100 Gifts, she writes of flying to Paris to “learn how to make love to God,” and also, “I run my hand along the beams over my loft bed, wood hewn by a hand several hundred years ago. I can hear Him. He’s calling for a response; He’s calling for oneness. Communion”

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This view of God’s love is antithetical to the biblical view of God’s love, which is agape. Voskamp teaches a relationship with God that is more like a relationship with a lover or a sex partner.

False Teacher #8 – Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson
(Photo Credit: Church Boom)

Mark Batterson is the modern father of the practice of prayer circles. In his book, The Circle Maker, Batterson teaches an unbiblical form of prayer that mimics ancient witchcraft more than Christianity.

Based on an old Jewish Legend from the Talmud, Batterson teaches his readers to draw a circle on the ground, step inside the circle, and pray, and that by doing so, you will be able to access untold blessings from God. In his book, he also twists the Scriptures to teach a form of the prosperity gospel, he writes,

Your job is not to crunch numbers and make sure the will of God adds up. After all, the will of God is not a zero-sum game. When God enters the equation, His output always exceeds your input. Your only job is to draw circles in the sand. And if you do the geometry, God will multiply the miracles in your life.

The Circle Maker, Chapter 3

The Scriptures, however, teach that we are to pray according to God’s will (1 John 5:14).

False Teacher #7 – Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth
Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth
(Photo Credit: Single Unexpectedly)

Nancy Leigh DeMoss is another circle-maker, like Batterson, who started off well, but began to slide into this heretical teaching over the last few years. DeMoss, like Batterson, mixes this pagan practice of drawing prayer circles with biblical Christianity.

DeMoss is the leader of a popular women’s prayer event called Cry Out. At this event, she regularly turns to the prayer circle and attributes her teaching to an early 20th-century British Evangelist, Rodney (Gipsy) Smith. She writes,

Gipsy Smith was a nineteenth-century revivalist who did something unusual when he came to a new town. He’d stop on the outskirts and draw a circle in the dirt. Then he would stand inside that circle and say, “O God, please send a revival to this town, and let it begin inside this circle.”

Would you ask God to revive His people? Would you let the Holy Spirit draw a circle within your own heart? Then say, “Lord, I long for You to send a revival to my nation, my church, my marriage, and my children. But Lord, would You first start a revival inside this circle? Let it begin in me.”

She’s also a promoter of another well-known Emergent teacher and mystic, Richard Foster, one of the founders of spiritual formation — a movement whose central disciplines revolve around contemplative prayer and other forms of Eastern mysticism.

False Teacher #6 – T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes
(Photo Credit: B&C)

This one seems like it should be obvious, but sadly, it isn’t. Up until recently, T.D. Jakes was sold in Southern Baptist LifeWay book stores around the country.

Jakes is a modalist — that is, he believes a damning heresy about the biblical doctrine of the Trinity. The modalist heresy teaches that the Trinity is not one God existing in three distinct persons simultaneously, as the orthodox creeds teach. It teaches that the Trinity takes on different modes (or personalities) at different times. That God either exists as the Father, or the Son, or the Holy Spirit, but never all three simultaneously.

Besides this blatant heresy, Jakes is also a prosperity gospel teacher who essentially teaches that God is like a genie in a bottle and exists to provide us with whatever we desire, so long as we have enough faith.

False Teacher #5 – Sarah Young

sarah young
Sarah Young
(Photo Credit: Publisher’s Weekly)

This also seems like another obvious one, but again, sadly, it isn’t. Sarah Young’s books and studies are still widely sold in Christian bookstores, including LifeWay of the Southern Baptist Convention.

In her book, Jesus Calling, Sarah Young portrays herself as a recipient of divine revelation, who, like the Apostles, was tasked with writing down God’s specific words. She claims to have personally heard from God himself, and her book is the written record of this new revelation.

Of course, this is complete heresy. The canon of Scripture is closed and God does not speak directly and specifically in this way today. Further, much of what Young writes in her book is contradictory to what is already written in Scripture and has been edited several times when these contradictions were brought to light.

False Teacher #4 – Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer
(Photo Credit: Daily Republic)

Priscilla Shirer is one of the many darlings of the Southern Baptist Convention, and a regular speaker on the LifeWay Women’s speaking circuit. Shirer, daughter of Pelagian heretic, Tony Evans (below), is an advocate of mystical forms of prayer and contemplation that were born out of the Emergent movement.

Justin Peters wrote an excellent review on Shirer’s movie, War Room, which basically sums up these false teachings as highly emotional and seductive to fallen human nature.

Priscilla Shirer participated in a DVD on the contemplative prayer heresy called Be Still. She addresses her critics on her web page and though at first glance it may sound like she supports a biblical view of prayer, looking deeper into what she is saying, it becomes clear that she doesn’t understand what biblical prayer and meditation are.

In her FAQ she says,

By participating in the Be Still project, we by no means meant to convey our agreement with the theological viewpoints and positions of other participants yet we did believe (and still do) in the over-arching theme of the resource and that is why I agreed to do it.

This is a contradictory statement. The theological viewpoints and positions of the participants are the over-arching theme of the DVD, and she says she supports it.

More on Priscilla Shirer, here.

False Teacher #3 – Tony Evans

Tony Evans
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Tony Evans is Priscilla Shirer’s father. Evans’ heresies include (but are not limited to) Pelagianism (the denial of original sin), Inclusivism (you don’t have to be a Christian to be saved), and Limited Theism (the denial of God’s omnipotence).

In an interview with Glenn Plumber at the NRB Convention in 2004, Evans affirms a Pelagian view of Christ’s death and resurrection, stating,

But the thing that the death of Christ did was cover and overrule original sin so that no man is condemned because they are born in Adam, but men are condemned because they consciously reject salvation.

Evans also holds to inclusivism, that is, you don’t have to actually know Christ personally to be saved. In this same interview, Evans says,

If a person believes somebody’s up there that created this… I don’t know who He is but I want to know Him… if that person were to have a heart attack at that moment, God could not condemn him and be just because God says he who seeks shall find, so since God makes that promise, if God doesn’t give him the Gospel or give him a direct revelation then He has to judge him out of another dispensation.

Evans works, like many of these other false teachers, as of the time of this writing, is still sold in LifeWay’s book stores.

five marks of a false gospel

False Teacher #2 – Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerkHeurst
(Photo Credit: Facebook)

Lysa TerkHeurst is a protege of Steven Furtick, the loudmouth prosperity huckster out of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. TerkHeurst, like her spiritual father, Furtick, is a proponent of the prosperity gospel.

In her latest book, It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way, she states,

“We will be victorious because Jesus is victorious. Victorious people were never meant to settle for normal.”

She also practices and promotes the contemplative prayer heresy, which teaches that you can receive direct, divine revelation from God if you “tune your frequency in” to his voice. In a PDF she put out titled How To Hear God’s Voice, she writes,

God will never speak to us or tell us to do something that is contrary to His Word. But unless we know Scripture, we will not be able to discern whether what we are hearing is consistent or not with the Word.

False Teacher #1 – Beth Moore

beth moore crazy eyes
Beth Moore
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

And last, but not least, we have Beth Moore. Beth Moore is the favorite among the lady preacher speaking circuit ranging from LifeWay and the Southern Baptist Convention to Hillsong. Beth Moore’s most blatant heresy is undoubtedly her claims to have received a direct vision from God — a vision that contradicted the Scriptures entirely. In this vision, God supposedly told her that Roman Catholicism is one of God’s true Christian denominations and that he desires unity among the various denominations, including Catholicism.

In another video, she doubles down on this vision claiming that God told her that he is going to “unite all sectors of Christendom,” and in another, she claims God gave her a vision of a bus stop so that she could give a random lady some money.

Whether it be Beth Moore’s endless accounts of visions from God, or her regular teaming up with heretics like Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer, or just the fact that she has literally no discernment and is politically charged with leftist identity politics while declaring that spending time in the Bible is not the same thing as spending time with God, one thing is for sure — Beth Moore has captivated millions of people around the world and led them astray. Whether she devours them herself or feeds them to her pack mates, she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that, for some reason, still continues to be paraded around in orthodox churches as though she is benign. She is not, she is to be avoided at all costs.


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[…] a Pelagian heretic who denies original sin, is highly sought after in Southern Baptist and Evangelical circles as a […]


Woww… You are talking about Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth whom I hear nearly everyday on her radio?How can you do that? I know what she preaches. I hear her nearly everyday on her radio. You are wrong my friend. I am a person who reads the Bible and know what it says. And she is a blessing. And you need to repent for calling her a false teacher. And you need to look at yourself and stop judging people whom you don't even know what she talks about. Also; the same is for Francis Chan, whom you have written articles about.… Read more »

[…] disappointment with Welch’s quoting Eugene Peterson‘s Bible paraphrase The Message was only surpassed by his praise for Peterson the man. The […]

Mary Jane Daigle

Thank you for this article – I sent it to my pastor.

Jan Chester

This article is false and has disgusting correlations with the what the Arthur's never intended. Whoever wrote the is an arrogant Antichrist who takes the beautiful distinctions of personalities and confuses them with a narcissistic view in the mirror! May God Judge you for your harsh name calling and criticism.

Susan Cimo

How about telling us who is not a false teacher…




They never do that. You have your own belief system. Read the Bible. Then start looking at what Churches around you teach. I thought I found a Church. However, once you start hearing. "There are things in the Bible that I wish were not there". Then you start to notice that there is a failure to mention Salvation. It is all about "Love and Grace. And worse of all God wants you prosperous and healthy. Now I am wide awake to my Churches failure. Not to mention a service that is all about The World and not much Bible. For… Read more »

Thelma Sease Brewer

I was aware of most of the false teachers you spoke about. You have opened my eyes even further because of the example(s) you have given. I knew Beth Moore and Joyce Myers weren't exactly on point, so thank you for the eye opener.


Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth? Really? Now that’s scary…


A great documentary to watch that explains this all very well, biblically, is The American Gospel. It can be watched on Netflix or Youtube,


The best true follower of Christ documentary I have seen.


Do you have any spiritual person or practice that you are FOR? Are YOU so pure? Do you have any SOLUTIONS, or do you merely tear other people down?

Reba Anderson

I totally agree with what you have said. I have searched for a Bible believing teaching church for many years. Sadly, I have had to settle with one that I do not totally agree with. It has taught me to search the scriptures much more closely and I believe that is what God prefers us to do anyway. Their are a lot of people who have a top ten list of false teachers.and everyone.of them have different names on them. They need to think about their own motives and what God thinks of them. Truth be known, they probably are… Read more »

D Hen

I completely disagree with your assessment of Dr. Tony Evans. I have attended his church for over 15 years and have never heard him preach anything you claim he’s preached. I strongly suggest you give each of these people the opportunity to respond to these seemingly unfounded accusations. What are your qualifications?


Brian and Bobbi Houston are false teachers that are deceptively leading so many astray.


And yet, totally missed the obvious ones, such as Joel Olsteen, Benny Hin, Creflo Dollar, etc.. The article simply reinforces that we are to be discerning and led by the Holy Spirit to guide us. Since some that you have named are NOT false teachers, you make people cast doubt on those who really are. What a shame and a sham!


I have a question: What type of church do you come from? That will tell me A LOT about you. What exactly is the "reformation" church? Lutheran?? I agree with you on MOST of these, however, not Nancy Leigh DeMoss, nor Tony Evans! I agree with some of the comments on here. Like how about you going after the TRUE HERETICAL PROSPERITY FALSE TEACHERS??! I also watched the American Gospel documentary on Netflix. Very well done!! Everyone NEEDS to watch this!!!

Anne Rector

Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer should be in hell by now, along with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Mary Beck Courtney

I "used to listen" as well to many of these preachers when a young believer. Yet today I agree w/ Justin. There's so much evil & theological apostasy going on that it's often times hard to tell the sheep from the goats. Chew the meat—spit out the bones, & give thought to what he shares. there's a lot of dirty dogs

out there feigning themselves as holy.


Such self righteousness and blind hate exposed here! So sad! NONE were perfect but Jesus! AND the people you criticize are the popular ones…the ones who have the chance that you don't…the ability to bring MASSES back to faith…to having God in their lives! What have you done???

NOTHING! God bless them, and bless you…and hopefully you'll understand that we need to quit with the ridiculous Pharisee divisions over your precieved biblical inaccuracies…and just praise God that we still have people seeking God!!

kk love

Wow! Where I see some areas where the light should've, could've been shined on… what do you believe makes you the authority on biblical teaching! If you believe everything you've written in this article…are you daily praying for the individuals that you are tearing down? Honestly what did you hope to gain?

Rickie Orchard

good point Reba, no one is a 100% and each list has different names…


While most of us will never agree completely on another's theological view, I find it disturbing that the author of this article would use name calling and such negative language to stuff people into heretical boxes. Most of us will never accomplish a fraction of what these people have done in furthering the kingdom of God. If we would spend more time minding our own business , working with our hands and striving to live a peaceable life, perhaps there would be less jealousy, less comparison, less wrangling over words and more gratefulness for the giftings of others. Wouldn't it… Read more »


Thank you for this Rosa. I agree with you completely.

I’ve come to realize that this guy is just trying to make money by being divisive. His online presence is full of ads so he’s making money on advertising and he’s also making money by touting his swag and other branded materials that people can buy.

He’s no better than any of the people he is attacking.

In fact, I have more respect for any of these “false teachers” than I do for this guy any day of the week


You people who follow cults of personality are amusing.

Reject universalism.


too many hired false prophets on television.any channels.wolves in sheeps clothing.den of thieves.& more worse.don't join them they will bite your money till you die broke.the hirer don't care it makes them wealthy too. are not 100% in alignment with God themselves.


Wow, am I glad I found the true church, the Catholic Church 9 years ago. Especially after reading this article. I was so confused with the different teachings in the "Protestant", evangelical, Bible-believing, churches that I attended, and who contradicted each other in so many ways. I prayed to God, why after 2,000+ years, have You not given your Church a worship liturgy that is worthy of You, and why have You allowed so many disagreements and arguments between different denominations? He led me to the Roman Catholic Church, to the Liturgy, and to the Magisterium. I LOVE the Catholic… Read more »




You failed to mention Carlton Pearson and Juanita Bynum.


who the heck do you think you are??? you have no right judging theses people…..you think you are GOD? YOU THINK YOU KNOW GODS THOUGHTS??? SHAME ON THIS WEBSITE! YOU WILL BE VERY SURPRISED WHEN YOU SEE WHO GETS INTO HEAVEN


Kathy, how do you respond to the Thesselonians (Acts 17:11), who were commended for examining what was being taught…judging it "to see whether these things were so". Or what of 1 John 4:1? Where we are specifically told to "test the spirits" because "many false prophets have gone into the world". Indeed we are not God. But if we really dig into what He gave us (the Bible), and if we pray fervently, and if we listen to the Holy Spirit that lives within us. Well, I submit that we can and do know His thoughts in many areas. Surely… Read more »


Peter, I don’t think that’s what she is saying. I don’t think she is talking about her personal preferences. I think she is concerned that someone is making wild accusations and sweeping generalizations about 10 different people who I guarantee he does not know. I am very familiar with most of these teachers and most of these claims are false. I firmly believe in testing the spirits and approving what is right. That being said, I find it very sad when people go on a crusade trying to destroy others and twist and take out of context their words. Websites… Read more »


Oh… not so Jenn. This type of website is VERY relevant and is needed to shine the light of Truth in dark places. These people are wolves in sheep's clothing and it is the duty of every true believe to expose deception, lies, and heresy. To JUDGE their teaching according to the Truth in God's word and with love. Sometimes exposing false teaching and teachers is painful. But God's people need pruning at times to get rid of dead and poisonous branches that if left unpruned will destroy the entire tree.


If Adam was not deceived, why did he follow Eve into sin? If you are trying to say that women in general are stupid and credulous, this example does not prove your point.


I must say that I think the replies here indicate too much "caught on the person" instead of tied to the truth. It IS right to both question, dig into, and when appropriate judge false teachers *according to what the Bible says*. What I mean by that is we are to judge not based on our personal bias, but on the accurate and holy Word of God. Paul himself told people to judge, and that if a false gospel was being taught to reject it! So, calling for the writer of this article to "repent" is simply not a Biblical… Read more »


LOL! Great call! For sure, some of the most obvious are missing, and some that really don't belong are here.

I love your conclusion! We have to be discerning in everything!


That’s unfortunate.

I am familiar with at least seven out of 10 of these people that he is accusing him of being false teachers. I have read their books, listen to their podcast, attended their events.

They are no more heretical than you or me.


I agree that the person who writes these articles has their own biased agenda and seems to be making their life purpose about destroying other people. People who are God-fearing and upright individuals. Perhaps not all of them, but many of them as I am very familiar with most of the people on this list.

I’m shocked and saddened at all of these false accusations.

And the person who wrote this article will indeed have to answer for their life as well


Thelma I would be very careful to thank this person for their comments. And I would caution you to believe everything you have read in this article. Most of these people are not false teachers. I have read their books, listened to their podcasts, and attended several of these peoples events. All of us are flawed and none of our opinions are 100% correct. Only Jesus has the correct view. You will never find a church that you “completely agree with” unless you start your own lol. And I don’t think that should even be the goal. Jesus didn’t create… Read more »


No. This article is wrong. I feel bad for most of the people on this list that are being thrown under the bus.


I think his life’s purpose is to destroy anybody who doesn’t see things the way he does. He has an agenda just like everyone else. It actually drives me mad.


He has no qualifications. I have spent a lot of time reading his articles and he takes things out of context, and spews out completely unfounded accusations and sometimes out right lies about good people who are helping others and helping others to come to know Christ. It’s pretty despicable.


I completely agree with you. I was thinking about Joel Osteen this entire time. Why is he attacking good people like Nancy and Priscilla and Tony and Lysa. I don’t know who this guy thinks he is. I’m starting to feel a large amount of pity and compassion for him though. I would not want to be him on judgement day. Why don’t we let Jesus be the judge? Why don’t we each take responsibility for our own doctor in and test everything in light of scripture. We don’t need other people telling us who is evil and who is… Read more »


Wow. It’s not your job to dictate who should be in hell or not. Shame on you. Why don’t you just worry about yourself and your own walk with God and let Jesus do the judging.


Are you forgetting that Jesus loved everyone, even the worst of sinners?

Maybe you need to spend some quiet time with the Lord and ask him to give you a heart of compassion so that you can have love for these people and pray for them rather than disparaging them on a public forum.




The only reason he has the balls to talk these people is because he knows they are too popular and too busy to bother with responding to his unsubstantiated and twisted accusations. I wish all 10 of these people would band together and stop this madman who makes his living posting hateful agendas trying to destroy other people on websites that are powered by paid ads. The only reason he has the balls to talk to these people is because he knows they are too popular and too busy to bother with responding to his unsubstantiated and twisted accusations. I… Read more »


My apologies – for some reason the website duplicated part of that last comment. And for some reason I can’t seem to edit my comments. Weird


***It’s extremely important to note that the only person this guy views favourably or doesn’t accused of being a total heretic is John MacArthur.

He never says anything good about anyone except John MacArthur. So either he works at the church, is connected to that church, or is somehow connected to or related to John MacArthur.

Nothing about this website is objective and anyone who comes here thinking they are getting reliable information is being fooled.

Craig Fain

Not Objective or not coddling to your perception of the truth?


"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5:11

Burhanudin bin Edy

They should all convert to Islam !


The biggest take-away I got from reading this is that I need to be discerning with whom I read or listen to. Even big name Christians speakers/preachers/musicians are sometimes off base with their theology ad ideology. Just because someone says they love Jesus or has a strong faith does not mean their theology is correct. How do we know? We need to TAKE EVERYTHING BACK TO GOD'S WORD. Does it align with what God says in the Bible? I have been a Christian a long time and have enjoyed reading and listening to the popular preachers, authors and speakers. They… Read more »

Chandra Harris

Yes Shelly.

Chandra Harris

Just because the gentleman mentioned these 10 doesn't mean that there aren't many, many more. He couldn't include them all. I agree with him on most of his picks. Tony Evans is so loud in his presentation that I can't listen long enough to test what he teaches. I don't understand why so many here are so offended. He's entitled to his assessments. I think that some of you here are too in love with some of the named teachers. Maybe some of you don't have God's discernment about these teachers because you don't belong to him.

James T Harley

If she is misleading the flock then she is a false preacher.


MacArthur is also a false teacher. He teaches Lordship Salvation.



Islam is not the way to Heaven. Jesus said that He was the only way to Heaven.



It surely won’t be you. Obviously, you no nothing of scripture. You false rats all use the same scripture about judging. One who truly knows scripture can discern, but you know nothing about that part of scripture. And, for you to say these filthy heathens are not false tells me you are no more a born-again Christian than the devil himself. Take the blinders off and truly repent or be damned for eternity.

Rev. Charles Waldrop

The person who wrote this article about these Christian leaders being heretics and false teachers must themselves be a

false teacher. Tony Evans, my pastor whom I have known for 25 years, and his wonderful daughter Priscilla are biblically

based and share reverence for the God of the Bible. Re-read Matthew 7:1-6.

Jeff Maples

Then why does he deny original sin, a fundamental Christian doctrine?

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