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The Dangerous Cult of Hillsong


With familiar tunes and upbeat rhythms filling the sanctuaries in churches everywhere, Hillsong is by far the most popular producer of mainstream Christian music in the world. They mass produce music from their multi-campus world-wide bands under the labels Hillsong United, Hillsong Worship, and Hillsong Young & Free, which are then sold for untold millions to unsuspecting worshipers and leaders who are willing to pony up for their product. What the vast majority of people are unaware of, however, is the dangerous cult-like tactics Hillsong uses to lure them into a loyal following.

Hillsong Church was founded in 1993 by Brian Houston and his wife, Bobbie, in Sydney, Australia and has now expanded to 23 countries worldwide. Hillsong holds dozens of conferences every year at its many locations and even owns and operates its own college of ministry. All of its locations are under the total and sole control of Brian Houston out of its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. None of its campuses are autonomous or free.

Christine Caine, Be Silent

Hillsong Church is deep into the social justice movement — a distraction from the Church’s Great Commission of making disciples. Through its many programs, like CityCare, Because We Can, and Colour Sisterhood, there is a strong priority for charity works that emphasize things such as economic equality and other social issues and place little, if any emphasis on the gospel.

Hillsong is a charismatic Church that teaches the continuation of the apostolic sign gifts. These include things such as prophesying, speaking in tongues, and healing. While the regular manifestation of these particular practices at Hillsong is insignificant, one teaching that comes out of Hillsong is extremely dangerous — the prosperity gospel.

Hillsong is one of the premier promulgators of this popular false gospel. Al Mohler of the Southern Baptist Convention labeled Hillsong as “a prosperity movement for the millennials,” which has “[minimized] of the actual content of the Gospel.” Hillsong’s seductive doctrine comes out in every sermon and much of its music. While not all of its music rises to the level of heresy, much of it places its emphasis on carnal ideas of man. One song, What A Beautiful Name it Is, teaches that the reason God saves sinners is that “He didn’t want Heaven without us.” Cameron Buettell of Grace to You writes,

That’s a nice sentiment, but it’s not remotely biblical. In fact, it’s doctrinal malpractice by people who should know better.

In reality, they don’t know better. This is the doctrine of Hillsong — it is all about man becoming like God. In fact, one of the main tenets of prosperity theology is “little-god” theology which teaches that we, as “little gods,” have the kind of power that God has to create by speaking things into existence. Brian Houston’s teaching on this comes out clearly in his two books, Live Love Lead and There Is More: When the World Says You Can’t, God Says You Can.

But the most dangerous aspect of Hillsong and their cultish operations are their mass appeal to the carnal desires of the flesh. Jesus said,

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If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

John 15:18-19

This is a huge problem. The reason the world hates the Church is that the Church stands as a witness to both the current and the coming wrath and judgment of God upon sin. The world loves sin and rebels against God, but the true Church loves God and loves the truth. Hillsong Church does not gather a massive following from the world because they preach the true, unadulterated gospel. They may give lip-service to the Scriptures and Jesus, but it is largely used as a means to benefit the carnal needs and desires of their selves. God is used as a means to provide temporal relief from afflictions in this life instead of a means to lay down one’s life to glorify God. And it plays on one of the most seductive tools of Satan to distract people from God — entertainment.

The Hillsong cult attracts people through entertainment and keeps them there by their addiction. They have it down to an exact science. They know what sells and they know what keeps customers. Whether it be their watered-down music, their nuanced affirmation of homosexuals, that they hold Roman Catholic masses, that they produce sleazy renditions of Silent Night during Christmas or pose a nearly naked man on stage at a women’s conference, that they defend abortion and complain about the death penalty, or that celebrities love them because they “don’t teach that book with Moses and stuff,” one thing is for sure, they know what the world opposed to God likes.

So Hillsong Church is a dangerous cult that follows the personality of its leader, Brian Houston. If your church uses their music for worship, even if the lyrics in the songs they use are doctrinally sound, there is a great danger of leading people astray and you may be placing young men and women at risk. Hillsong should be avoided by Bible-believing Christians and pastors should not be feeding their flock to these wolves.

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    • Absurd in what way? This is a very well researched article and one that should be read by all Christians. Hillsong is a dangerous place.

    • whats absurd is how hillsong, chrasmatics, pentecostals, continually claim to have spiritual gifts? If God were a genie and he said upu have one wish for a gift? Do you really think I would wish to talk like retarded person on coke? I believe in Christ, the death and ressurection . the sanctification of all men through faith. I do not believe Christ died so he could collect money like these vultures. GET REAL!

      • Retarded? What decade are you living in where you use such offensive words. Yes Jesus obviously has a loving compassionate and inclusive affect on you doesn’t he?

    • I know right. People who love jesus living in the 21st century with modern thinking that has moved on from the fire and brimstone of a 2000 year old thought process. People bringing Jesus to the younger generation with joy and music. Having a strong priority for charity work that emphasize things such as economic equality and other social issues. God Forbid they should be so inclusive.
      It is not for anyone to judge, that is Gods job. If you think them so evil then remember your Bible.

      Matthew 5:43 “You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’s and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike. If you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much. If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else?

      • Hi Haseya, I understand that you feel this way, but don’t let your feelings dictate what is right and what s wrong, what is false and what is true. Jesus did say to love your enemies, but notice he says “Pray for those that persecute you”. Who are the ones that will persecute you, especially in these last days. Doesn’t Jesus warn us that in the last days there will be deception? He is speaking to the disciples. This he’s speaking to believers. He also say ” deceive even the elect”. The devil is not concerned about the world. The world is deceived and in the hands of satan already, he wants to get into the church and poison it from within. He does this by slowly appealing to the carnal flesh. Remove the real message of sin and repentance. The blood of Jesus, holiness, righteousness. If satan can make the Church in-effective, than he has won. God gives common grace to all, but there will be a time that he says enough. He will separate the wheat from the chaff, and you know what happens to chaff. Are you wheat or chaff?

      • We are to judge each other though. Not judging others means those outside the church not in. 1 Cor 5:12,13, Matt 18:15-17. We are to point out sin and pray our brothers and sisters take our warning to heart

  1. I’m disappointed in this article. Pitting Christians against Christians.Not even holding them accountable but attacking and wrongfully accusing them. The comment of the lyric, “He didn’t want Heaven without us”. Why do you think he sent Jesus? So we could go to Heaven. I think this article forgets how loving of a God we have.

    • I do approve this article. Facing Christians against Christians in name only. Holding them accountable rightfully for what they have said. Jesus was sent to us so we COULD (not shall) go to heaven ,IF. We all have to find out for ourselfs what that IF means. I think this article reminds us that God IS love,He hates sin ,but loves the siner.

    • Um… Kaela, are you serious? It isn’t them pitting Christians against Christians. It is truth pitting Christians against “Christians.” Or should we cut Jude out of the BIble?

    • wrong! this is pitting christians against false and fake teachers. Hillsong and all fo the faith movement are disgusting human beings. They are not christians. Simple test for any christian. Quote the the ten commandments! 99 % of self proclaimed christains cant! that would be you too Kaela

      • I can quote the 10 commandments, and I can also say most ‘Christians’ don’t follow them. Most pick and choose to suit themselves. The Bible however isn’t to be taken literally, even though again people like to cherry pick what suits them to condemn others. Not a very Christian attitude to take.

      • The ten commandments are from the Old Testament, we are no longer bound by those old rules. We have new commandments in the New Testament.

        • We’re not ‘bound’ by those ‘old rules?’ Seriously? The Scriptures are abundantly clear: ALL Scripture is God-breathed … (2 Timothy 3:16). Do you not understand that when Paul wrote that, all they had was the Law and the Prophets? And Jesus said “Do not think that I came to abolish the Law and the Prophets. I did not come to abolish them, but fulfill them.”

          We are under a new covenant. But obedience to ALL Jesus’ commands (Matthew 28:20) is still vital. What did John say about the Word? The Word IS God. Jesus IS the Word. James tells us that we look into the perfect law (1:25) and when we do, we desire to obey. John tells us in 1 John that love for God is this: to keep His commands and they are not burdensome. Why? Because when you are truly saved, you’ll have a desire to know what sin is and turn from it. Paul said the law shows us what sin is (Romans).

          Wayne and those who think like you, I would worry about your eternal salvation if you think the Ten Commandments or any of the Old Testament laws no longer apply to us. Jesus summarized them in his two great commandments. Summarizing doesn’t erase. It doesn’t negate. “Not one dot or tittle will perish from the law until ALL is accomplished.” And “But the one who ignores one of the LEAST of these commands and tells others to do the same will be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven.” Are you going to be called least?

          Jesus made it clear: Obedience is the test of faith. What do you obey? ‘Love God and love people?’ What does that mean? John answered that: obey His commands. Love your neighbor isn’t about emotion, feeling, or being nice. It’s about sacrifice.

          We are COMMANDED by Jesus to beware false teachers. We are COMMANDED by Jesus to rebuke a brother or sister in sin, even to the point of treating them like an unbeliever! Those aren’t suggestions. They are commands.

          Jesus demands a holy, pure church. Not a sin-loving, sin-embracing, sin-celebrating one. Acts 5 shows us clearly what the Spirit really thinks about unrepentant sinners in His church.

          Beware: Jesus also said most who claim to be Christians (who call Him ‘Lord, Lord’) will NOT enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Instead, they will hear ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers’. Why? Because they refused to obey. The refused the wedding garment, which is a willful act of defiance.

          Sin is rebellion. Keep sinning when you claim to be saved and guess what? Hebrews says there’s no sacrifice left for those.

          We may not be bound by the Old Covenant, but we are obligated to know it, because it tells us clearly and plainly what God calls sin.

          • Agreed. Without the law (which Jesus summarized the first half by saying, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind,” and the last half by saying, “Love your neighbor as yourself,”) we can’t truly know our need for a Saviour. His atoning death on the cross means nothing if we don’t know how depraved we really are. How we have no way of following the law or pleasing God without Him.
            Jesus didn’t didn’t die that agonizing death so that we could be healthy, happy, and wealthy. He died to save our eternal souls and defeat the power of death and hell. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

          • Clearly you have a real relationship with Jesus as it shows in your wisdom & understanding of scripture.
            I don’t know much about Hillsong or Bethel as these seem to be a launched attack on these churches of Worship but, I will there was content to back up the claims of Hillsong fighting to accept abortion and homosexuality because if there is proof that they fight to accept these things then it is extremely clear that they do not follow the Gospel of GOD and have veered into the pathway of their own desires. But I haven researched it or seen it so I can’t say they do.
            But in this article it refutes or seems to refute our ability to create with our words and to that I say to the writer….. read the Word of GOD, GOD tells us in scripture that we…mankind have the power of life and death in our tongues. As John 1 says everything that exists was spoken into creation by the Word of GOD which is Jesus and his Word became flesh, Jesus. In Genesis Everything that became into existence GOD spoke it into being but so many people miss this. GOD says that our tongues are the hardest body part to control, but how strong such a small part if the body is…. as a small rudder can turn such a gigantic ship, and like a bit in a horses mouth, it controls a huge beast. So is our tongue…… our Words create life by speaking THE TRUTH, GODS inspired Word without bending it to match our fleshly agenda or desire, or to be seen as right in anyone else’s eyes but our LORD’S, when we speak the Truth of GOD’S Word it is creating life and is reminding GOD that we Believe, we Trust, we fall Onto the Sword of GOD for all our needs. Sometimes his Word hurts with one side of its blade as it cuts us deep to the core of our sin and causes us to be aware that we still struggle with sin, yet the other side of the blade heals us by cutting away this sin as it reveals GOD’S will to heal us and reunite us with him by the sacrifice of his Son Jesus Christ.
            Jesus told his disciples that the world would know we are his disciples by the way we love others by the example he had shown while he was here. Jesus loved the sinner yes, but he always brought forth to them their sin in love sharing with them that real life…… living water since that is what they revered as so precious and the center of life which it is today…… because anything that has live has water in it and without it cannot live, pretty mind blowing that Jesus said that to the woman at the well and now we know life ceases to exist without water. So, by Jesus sharing the truth if ones sin and directing them away from it with The Truth in love, we will show Real Love and save lives.
            We should never interpret GOD’S Word in any other way than the Truth he set before us in his Word as he lived it out in the flesh. Inclusion into the kingdom of GOD is to Believe in GOD’S Truth and hold to it no matter how it hurts at times and know and trust GOD in everything because he did say he goes before us, that he is our rear guard, that we have already received victory in all things because he has Won the battle……. and all of our battles have been won in advance, yet we do need to speak the truth of that as we go about life daily speaking the truth about that into existence and canceling out all the fiery darts of the enemy.
            God comes to me and give me dreams and speaks to me in dreams and one night he came to me, brought me high into the clouds above the earth and set in front of me a person as I saw them standing in front of me GOD spoke, he said Victory, and another person took that person’s place and GOD repeated…. Victory, this went on for hours and hours as I feel like I saw every man & woman on earth and each time GOD spoke and said Victory. I grew tired of seeing everyone and said to GOD…. ok GOD, I get it, they have Victory, GOD continued longer to show me more people and he then said….. Victory has already been won and given to ALL in advance, I want all my children to live each day with Joy & my Peace no matter what they face because they Victory is already there’s, they just need to live it and speak it.
            I woke up and GOD directed me to Psalms 91 & 92
            So we all need to know who’s we are and that GOD has given us Victory in advance through his Son Jesus Christ, so we need to Speak that Truth Bodly & Courageously like he told Joshua…… in everything be Strong and Courageous, so with our voices we are called to Speak GODs Truth and be Strong & Courageous in this life and walk like we KNOW Who our Father is!

          • Your right, we are to acknowledge the old testament, but as a new testament born again Christians, some or most of the laws do not apply to us. We don’t need circumcision, a High priest or do animal sacrifices, because we have Jesus who is our High Priest. We can enter the Holy of Holies daily, because of the Cross. Hebrews talks about a Better Covenant because the old is obsolete. Old testament < New testament. We are not bound by the old testament. That is not to say that we can't learn from it.

    • God did not send Jesus so he can have us in heaven. He sent Jesus to save us from our sin. That’s what His name means. The result if heaven. Let’s not be ignorant. God is well aware that not everyone will accept His gift or reconciliation and salvation. People have the freedom to make there choices in life. Either accept the free gift of grace offered on the cross or don’t. Each choice has it’s own reward.

  2. This article makes for interesting reading. I started attending Hillsong in Australia a couple of years ago, and have grown up in church since young with a Baptist background. I love and respect the Old Testament and the New Testament equally. From experiences with church in general, the overall observation is that no human-run organisation is perfect. We’re imperfect people trying to reflect Christ as best as possible. I’m not excusing bad judgement calls by the church as a whole. We are all going through a lifelong process, and I have made mistakes in my walk with Christ too.

    However, I beg to differ in regards to some of the points you made. Hillsong is not a cult. Many of the social justice outreach programs are not distractions but form an avenue straight into the Great Commission. People are often softened towards the Gospel when we serve them and meet their needs with compassion. Also, Hillsong has been a place that has challenged me to lay down my life and time for Christ. God has not been portrayed to me in this church as a means to alleviate temporal suffering, but as the One who meets me in my suffering and walks with me through it. It is not a question of running from suffering, but having the right attitude towards suffering. Many media sources are quick to point out flaws, but tend to overlook the fact that there are many people within Hillsong who genuinely love God, fear and obey him, and hold fast to the truth. Hillsong didn’t attract me because of its entertainment. I chose to attend Hillsong because the church, however imperfect, has a genuine heart for God and His kingdom.

    • I love your reply Joh; it shows maturity, and if that’s what this church helped you to become, it is a good church. It’s just the opposite of the hate that these “Christian” critics show in their comments

      • Calling them hateful is just an ad hominem attack. This article has plenty of links to Hillsong’s own actions and words that proves that this church is heretical. But they are nice, so you’ll defend them.

    • They hold Catholic masses. Catholicism is a works based religion and that makes it a false gospel, by not telling this to their congregants they are leading them astray.

  3. Is this article cruel satire?. I don’t go to hillsong anymore but so many false assertions here. The best part of this article is the pure ignorance and hypocrisy of the writer. The writer is mad that women get to control their own bodies and have abortions (presumably because he has been brain washed to believe that terminating an embryo is actually somehow a living baby being killed) then immediately says he’s mad how they oppose the death penalty. Lmfao the author doesn’t give a fuck about lives nor killing. Furthermore part of the reason I don’t go to hillsong anymore is because they brazenly Ignorantly and hatfully condemn a woman’s right to choose from the pulpit.

    • Lol, what a false-Christian mate.
      Do the world a favor and don’t claim to be of Jesus while your swearing like a brain-dead zombie & supporting the murder of babies.

    • Because they are a living baby. Do you believe as the Chinese do that the spirit of man is not in the baby until it is 1 year old? At what point does a baby become a living breathing human?

  4. .
    How is the lyric… ” You didn’t want Heaven without us”, a False teaching ?
    You may be wrong on this one.
    It seems to be Biblical to me that God sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us on the cross because He didn’t want Heaven without us.
    Hill Song may be False Teachers,
    but your logic is flawed and your arguement
    is not valid on this specific statement.

  5. This sentence pulled from this article strikes me as potentially ambiguous; it seems a reader could understand its intended meaning, or get confused by a diametrically contrary meaning:

    (Original:) “Hillsong Church does not gather a massive following from the world because they preach the true, unadulterated gospel.”

    Somebody might, in their head, misplace a simple comma, and come away with this:

    “Hillsong Church does not gather a massive following from the world, because they preach the true unadulterated gospel.”

    Do you see the difference..?

  6. I’m a fan of Hillsong Music while still keeping an open mind about their doctrine. I am skeptical of all large organizations and think often the more man is involved the less God is. That said you made me laugh A LOT! Here is why. Your last two paragraphs were wonderful. Here they are:

    “But the most dangerous aspect of Hillsong and their cultish operations are their mass appeal to the carnal desires of the flesh. Jesus said,

    By the way, did you know Reformation Charlotte has a Christian gear and apparel store? Check it out at ReformedGear.com.”

    But aren’t you doing the EXACT SAME THING here as what you are accusing Hillsong of doing??? WOW FUNNY!

  7. Everything you said is spot on, I can see in the other comments the backlash but it is only becase man love darkness.
    Extremely well put and very helpful. Nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to build megachurches that in itself disqualifies Hillsong, Elevation, and Bethel.

    Post tenebras lux
    Soli Deo gloria

  8. I left the Christian church 40 years ago because I noticed how Christians were not even trying to follow the Gospels. The few people I knew who were trying to follow Jesus message left the church for this very reason.

    There’s so many passages from the gospel I could quote hear showing that this article is so anti-Jesus it is pathetic.

    For one thing it is very judging. Jesus spoke out of against this for a very good reason: you cannot be happy and judgement at the same time. And you cannot be in tune with God at the same time you’re judging either.

    Jesus also said a good tree bears good fruit or you will know a tree by the fruit it bears. Unfortunately Christians don’t seem to get this. This group is producing beautiful music and is taking care of it’s fellow humans. That’s good fruit and according to Jesus it’s also good and that’s good enough for me.

    It is so typical for Christians to be hateful. What right do you think you have for arrogantly claiming a path to God when you so flagrantly violating Jesus teachings?

    • “For one thing it is very judging. Jesus spoke out of against this for a very good reason: you cannot be happy and judgement at the same time. And you cannot be in tune with God at the same time you’re judging either.”
      Jesus didn’t say not to judge people at all, just don’t judge them as hypocrites. We are supposed point out heresy and to stop fellow Christians from sinning, we can’t do that without looking or being judgemental. Also, where in the Bible are we commanded to be happy all day long?

      “Jesus also said a good tree bears good fruit or you will know a tree by the fruit it bears. Unfortunately Christians don’t seem to get this. This group is producing beautiful music and is taking care of it’s fellow humans. That’s good fruit and according to Jesus it’s also good and that’s good enough for me.

      It is so typical for Christians to be hateful. What right do you think you have for arrogantly claiming a path to God when you so flagrantly violating Jesus teachings?”
      They do some nice things like charity, so do most other Corporations (they are led by a CEO not a bishop). That doesn’t change the fact that they promote heresy.

  9. Goodness! I AGREE with you about Hillsong, but don’t make nonsensical arguments or you’ll convince others that YOU’RE the heretic!!

    “You didn’t want Heaven without us” is unbiblical???!!! Come on, now! Smarten up or you’ll blow your credibility!

  10. There is a loy of genuine love asociated with the hillsong church. they are on a mission of soul winning and reconciling hurting and sinful people into a right relationship with a merciful God through the blood of Jesus Christ. So maybe you believe the theology is incorrect. There are so many theological disagreements with denominations today. Are you sure you are right on every point. There is one true church and that is of those who are born of the spirit. How do we know we are saved? The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. Some would try to reduce this truth to head logic. This is soulish and not spiritual. His spirit is telling my spirit to appreciate and love the Hillsong Church. Let truth of who’s theology is correct be revealed farther along in heaven after we all are separated from our sin nature.

    • They hold Catholic masses. Catholicism is a works based religion, that makes it a false gospel. By not warning their congregants about this they are leading them astray. They defend abortion. God said that before he made us in the womb he knew us. So that means that abortion is murder. Hillsong church is clearly heretical.

  11. Well, I can’t say how happy I am at all the differing intensities of one’s guard being deployed. For those who shun the intensity yet insist on fellowship with the Lord/Spirit, not once within that sacred text will you find any instance of that fellowship diminishing the spoken’greater accountability’ leading the flock! ‘Be not deceived’.

  12. The Bible talks about false prophets and they may seem and appear subtle, but that is how Satan works – to slowly and subtly wear one down and deceive them. I have been hearing a long time that this group is not on the up and up and explain to me exactly where it talks about the “prosperity gospel” or “little gods”in the Bible – there is none! There are so many things that are not on the up and up and yet many do not want to hear it – their ears are tickled and they love what they are hearing!
    It says in Matthew 7:15 ESV
    “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (This is fitting for this group!)
    Then it tells us in Matthew 24:24 ESV
    “For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. ”
    It also says: 1 John 4:1 ESV
    “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.”
    2 Corinthians 11:13-15 ESV
    “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.”
    And Jesus said: 2 Timothy 4:3 ESV
    “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.”

    Many who do not want to hear this have stated so in what this article states and yet how many times are we warned and told in the Bible to watch out for those who come to deceive and lead many astray. None of us like to be fooled and that is understandable, but don’t chew this writer up and spew him out – test these people against the teachings of the Bible and you will have your answer – never mind what this article states! All I can say is RUN as fast and as far as you can because prosperity gospel teachings and “little gods” are lies and deceit from Satan himself!! Satan can work through music, movies, and so many other avenues! Best way to not be deceived is to read your Bible daily – God will help you discern what is truth and what is not!

  13. Because we all read the book through our own minds Zack.I suppose thats why there are so many denominations.One denomination chooses certain passages to put more of a focus on than others,and so we have disagreements.Some more worldly people would call it confirmation bias,we read what we already agree with.It is my prayer that we all come together in the name of Jesus with the belief that he came to this world as the son of God to shed his blood for us on the cross,that he was buried,and on the third day he rose from the dead.He will come again To judge the living and the dead.May God bless us all,bring us together and shower us with his Love,Grace,and Mercy…May the peace of Our Lord be with all who read this

  14. As a musician I always despised Hillsong and the like. Anymore I play and go to churchs that sing/play from traditional hymnals. Not that there isn’t any good modern music, but much of what I played was nothing more then mantras.

    We have mostly a older congregation (including myself) and sing/play the songs we grew up with. It’s not that popular today since it don’t really tickle the ears as the newer CCM style does. I’m glad we still use the KJV and the hymnals. That old time religion.

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