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The Slow Drift Toward LGBTQ Inclusion in Evangelical Churches


Any sane person with a shred of common sense with an IQ higher than the average fish can read the Bible and clearly see that it teaches homosexuality is against God’s law. The discord isn’t over this clear fact, but on whether or not what the Bible teaches is true. In an effort to push Evangelical churches closer and closer to LGBTQ inclusion, many lofty arguments have been raised against the validity of the Bible’s teachings. Some, even directly out of what would traditionally be the conservative wing of Evangelicalism.

Softening Tone on Homosexuality

In Evangelical churches, we see a push to ease the rhetoric against homosexuality. This is a prevalent compromise, especially in Southern Baptist churches. J.D. Greear, the current president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) recently preached a sermon out of Romans 1 where he attempted — and failed poorly — to make the case that sexually deviant behaviors are morally equivalent other sins, such as boasting and materialism.

In 2014, Southern Baptist leader Albert Mohler sat down with members of the “gay community” where he apologized for “denying sexual orientation” and saying that orientation “can change.” The Wallstreet Journal reported Russell Moore, another Southern Baptist leader, as saying

I would not attend the wedding. I would attend the reception. In that way, a Baptist could say, “I love you and I’m here with you. I disagree with you, but I love you.”

For a Baptist to say “I’m here with you” at the reception is no different than a Baptist saying “I’m here with you” at the actual wedding. The reception is a celebration of the wedding that just took place. This same publication characterized these leaders as “softening their tone” on homosexuality.

Redefining Homosexuality

The Bible teaches that even the illicit thought of sexually immoral behavior is sinful (Matthew 5:28). Further, Romans 1 characterizes sexually deviant attractions as “vile affections” and “dishonorable passions.” It’s clear, according to Romans 1, that unnatural affections towards members of the same sex are against God’s law. It is sin that needs to be repented of and forgiven.

But the push we see in Evangelicalism now is a redefinition of homosexuality — that same-sex attraction in and of itself is not sinful unless “acted upon.” This is a concept foreign to the Scriptures. Sam Allberry, a gay Anglican priest that describes himself as “same-sex attracted” and having “sexual, romantic and deep-emotional attractions to people of the same sex,” is now the premier mouthpiece for this unbiblical notion.

Sam Allberry and his ministry, Living Out, advocate for same-sex relationships that include intimacy — even physical intimacy — on the same level as married couples that only fall short of actual sexual intercourse. The implication here is that same-sex attracted couples can live together in a “celibate” relationship, be intimate with each other in other ways, and God has no problem with it so long as there is no bodily penetration involved.

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This, according to Allberry, doesn’t make you gay, it just means you’re “same-sex attracted.”

The Normalization of Singleness

This Same Sam Allberry, a contributor for The Gospel Coalition, recently put out a video advocating for churches to back singles who want to adopt. Now let that sink in — The Gospel Coalition uses a single, gay priest to promote single-parent adoption.

These same groups, especially Sam Allberry, have been heavily promoting the idea of gay celibacy and the “goodness” of singleness. Departing from the biblical teaching on celibacy, celibacy has become a catch-all for homosexuals who desire to be a part of conservative church life but have not been transformed by the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit. It is, in fact, a way to cave to your sin and fulfill your intimacy needs in other ways that the Scriptures do no provide. Celibacy is a gift rarely given for the purpose of devoting one’s life to the ministry of God. Homosexuality is not the gift of celibacy, and Paul teaches that it is good to satisfy your need for intimacy through a monogamous man-woman marriage.

This is not to teach that any repentant homosexual will never struggle with this particular sin again in their life. All redeemed people struggle with sin. The argument is against the teaching that celibacy is the norm for homosexuals who come to Christ and that the attraction in and of itself is not sinful.


We see that this progressive ideology has tactfully used many methods to infiltrate the Church and the minds of believers. It is through these means that change happens slowly. While the majority of conservative Evangelical churches still hold that homosexual behavior is sinful, many are moving in a direction that is inclusive of homosexuals who do not practice their affections. Instead of teaching them to repent of their desires and come to Christ for forgiveness, they are being lauded as a special “eunuch” class of Christians who, by their abstinence from intercourse, a form of suffering, should be regarded higher.

This movement is unbiblical and should be opposed.

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