Andy Stanley: The Only Document You Should Feel Pressured To Defend is Not the Bible


The infamous dispensational Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), which was founded by Lewis Sperry Chafer, is a prime example of how no Christian institution — regardless of theological persuasion — is immune to the mass influx of theological liberalism or mission drift. Despite DTS’s differences with traditional Reformed theology, it has historically stood on conservative Biblical principles and upheld certain basic tenets of the faith, such as the inerrancy, the authority, and the primacy of the Scriptures — all of it.

Recently, Dallas Seminary invited the controversial religious figure, Andy Stanley of Northpoint Church, to speak at chapel. Stanley has been under fire in recent years for his relentless attacks on the Scripture, stating things such as “we need to unhitch from the Old Testament,” and that the Scriptures are not the foundation of our faith.

In the video below, you will see Stanley continuing his attacks on the authority of the Scriptures, stating, “the first Christianesque statement is the gospels, not the Bible.”

If people want to argue with you about their faith, don’t tell them about the Bible. Let’s start with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and we’ll talk about the epistles. The only literature, the only documents we should ever feel pressure to defend is not the Bible, it’s better than that. It’s simply, the gospel.

If you notice, the last word “gospel” above is singular. Andy Stanley is intentionally separating the gospel from God’s infallible Word where His revelation is recorded for us. Stanley doesn’t actually believe that the Scriptures are God’s infallible words, which makes him — just like Roman Catholics — traditionalists.


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