Planned Parenthood CEO Says Infanticide “Doesn’t Exist” – Donald Trump Responds

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Leana Wen is the current CEO of the largest mass infant murder institution in the world, killing well over 330 thousand unborn children in 2018. In response to the Senate Bill that was voted down by Democrats — which would guarantee medical access to aborted children who are born alive, Wen, with an amazing lack of self-awareness, denies that infanticide even exists.

The depraved minds of people like Wen — who can obviously look directly into a mirror and deny that not only the mirror exists, but they themselves do — is astounding. It goes without saying that Wen suffers from more than just a mental illness. She is spiritually sick, so much so that she can look into your eyes and smile while the blood of millions of innocent, Image of God-bearing children are on her hands.

President Trump had this to say in response to the wickedness taking place at the hands of the Democrats and murderers, like Wen, who pay them off.

If you were to die today, where would you go? Heaven? Hell? Not sure?