Mark Dever Doesn’t Believe Democrat Sanctioned Abortion as Bad as Hitler’s Germany


Mark Dever is the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC and founder of the 9Marks ministry. I’ve had a lot of respect for Dever over the years and for many reasons. It saddens me that so many of our conservative, Christian leaders have given way to the social justice movement. In an effort to be as inclusive and unoffensive to as many as possible, we have effectively truncated the gospel and have placed our faith in man-centered ideology instead. In other words, we seek to please man instead of God.

Dever joined Trillia Newbell who is the director of Community Outreach at the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission along with Isaac Adams to discuss such topics as interracial dating and single-issue voting.

At the 11:30 mark, when asked why he doesn’t want his church to be known for opposing either political party, he responds,

I think in different historical settings, you do have to go ahead and be known to oppose a particular party. If we were in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s I think you just have to be known for opposing the Nazis. I don’t think we’re there, and until we get there, I think it’s better for Christians to be able to disagree on political solutions and still trust each other’s sincere adherence to the gospel.

Are you kidding me? The Democrat sanctioned abortion movement has taken over 60 million innocent children’s lives over the past few decades — and Mark Dever doesn’t think that “we’re there yet.” It’s as simple as this — you can’t be a Christian with sincere adherence to the gospel while supporting, or even being indifferent to the murder of millions of unborn children. It’s simply not possible.

At the 27:57 mark in the audio below, you can catch Dever’s blurb against single-issue voting:

For those who don’t want to take the time to listen, Adams and Newbell were replaying a sermon where Mark Dever stated,

I think one of the veins to racial unity in the United States is single-issue voiting. I know dear brothers … Wayne Grudem, John Piper, will celebrate single-issue voting. And, many evangelical Christians in America who are white have assumed that this is the only moral issue to take. And I appreciate the logic, I understand. They’re saying that human life is valuable. What I want to do as Christians though is leave space for someone to make a moral decision that is other than that. Because I can imagine people who believe the Bible is true and Jesus is the only way looking and thinking I think abortion is murder but I think that nobody who thinks abortion is murder has been able to end it by getting into the White House like they’ve been promising for 40 years. And there are a bunch of other things that can happen that this other candidate is going to do that will help my people in my community. And so they make a studied decision … I think it would be a morally respectable option.

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What Mark Dever does here is simply awful. First, he minimizes abortion to a mere political position rather than acknowledge it for the heinous, non-optional true injustice that it actually is. He essentially dumbs down the issue of abortion to the same level as national tax policy and suggests we allow room for those who knowingly support candidates who have vowed to act to expand access to abortion to have made a legitimate, acceptable moral decision.

Mark Dever wants us to believe that it’s morally acceptable to exchange human life for government policies that support minority welfare programs.

But not only does he minimize abortion, he refuses to acknowledge that every single issue the Democrat party officially stands for is contrary to biblical moral principles. It’s not just abortion, it’s the expansion of sexually deviant behaviors, theft, the restrictions on religion — especially biblical Christianity — restrictions on free speech, just to name a few. He expects us to accept that just because many of the Republican elected officials have been unsuccessful at eliminating abortion, that we should just brush all the other issues aside as well — all in the name of racial unity, of course — and allow this greater evil among the ranks.

What Mark Dever should be advocating for, if he were true to biblical principles, is instead of allowing people to wallow in the mire of progressive, liberal politics, we teach people how to think rightly and biblically about moral and cultural issues, and, instead of overlooking the inexcusable evils prevalent in the liberal agenda, we actually trust the gospel to change the hearts and minds of the lost, and bring them into communion with the Church.

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