How Did a Gay Anglican Priest Become the Face of Evangelical Relationship Advice?

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It used to be that Christians were not only held to a moral standard, but those who are pastors and deacons were held to an even higher standard — above reproach. That standard, as laid out in 1 Timothy 3, consisted of things such as being married to one wife, being able to manage your household, being hospitable, and, of course, self-controlled. Yet there is a new movement in Evangelical Christianity that’s changing the way the Church views homosexuality.

Sam Allberry is a gay Anglican priest who describes himself as someone who has “sexual, romantic and deep-emotional attractions to people of the same sex.” While Allberry is insistent that he does not act — physically — on his sexual desires, he does deny that his desires will ever change.

Allberry is an advocate for homosexual inclusion in the church. He advocates for church members to fully accept LGBT church members into their nuclear families, including allowing them to babysit their children and has even asked churches to support single-parent adoptions.

Sam Allberry has become an icon in mainstream Evangelicalism and is heavily promoted through progressive outlets such as The Gospel Coalition, 9-Marks, and the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He is a regular featured speaker at many Southern Baptist conferences and has essentially become the go-to man progressive Christianity seeks out for relationship advice.

Why does The Gospel Coalition ask a gay priest — a man who admits he is deeply sexually attracted to other men — for a biblical exposition on singleness and marriage?

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Why does a Southern Baptist organization ask Sam Allberry — who desires to sodomize and be sodomized by other men — what it means to be a part of a family?

Why does Ravi Zacharias host a man who is, at the very heart of it, effeminate, to speak on what it means to practice biblical manhood and womanhood?

Why does The Gospel Coalition use a celibate, single homosexual man to campaign for the wide-spread acceptance single-parent adoption?

These are questions that only a few short years ago would not even be in the back of most conservative Evangelical Christians’ minds, but today, is a reality that needs to be dealt with. The continual leftward push of Christianity cannot be overstated. While full-on liberal denominations such as the United Methodist Church are currently debating full-on acceptance and affirmation of sexual deviants among their ranks, leaders and laypeople in the less progressive denominations are ignoring the creeping doctrinal downgrade happening right before their eyes.

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