Andy Stanley’s Money Series: Even if You’re Not Convinced Jesus is the Son of God, You Should Lean Into His Teachings


With every passing sermon, it becomes more clear that Andy Stanley’s ultimate purpose is not to make Christian converts and disciples — it’s to better the world. Stanley’s peculiar form of moral therapeutic deism is not subtle, it’s blatantly obvious in pretty much everything he says.

Stanley just finished a 3-week series on money — nearly completely devoid of any mention of Jesus — where when he did finally mention Jesus, it was to say that Jesus was a great teacher and story-teller whose teachings would improve your life if you follow them, regardless of whether or not you believe in Him or not.


He also goes on to say that “the Kingdom of God isn’t someplace you go some day, the Kingdom of God is the value system of God that touched down on planet Earth in Jesus,” yet Jesus said, “my Kingdom is not of this world.”

The entire sermon can be seen here.

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