Hillsong NYC Pastor: We Wouldn’t Be Here Without Steven Furtick

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Carl Lentz is the lead pastor of the seeker-friendly prosperity church New York City branch. Lentz, who recently announced that his church is “not anti-LGBT” and that everyone is welcome, including unrepentant sinners, is now praising Steven Furtick, the founder andpastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC.

Steven Furtick, who recently admitted that his church lies about baptism numbers, has made a number of controversial claims about God, including that Jesus committed sin, that God doesn’t have the power to override your unbelief, and that Jesus is “sneaky.” He preaches a charismatic-inspired prosperity gospel, regularly twists Scripture — including reading himself into it — and has even preached from non-existent Bible verses.

In short, both men are charlatans and both churches should be avoided at all costs.

Recently, Lentz preached at Elevation and told the audience how he is forever grateful for Steven Furtick because they would not exist without him. See the video below.


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