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The Fall of Francis Chan and Why He Should Be Avoided


You may wonder why I believe Francis Chan has fallen and needs to be avoided. Isn’t he orthodox? Doesn’t he preach the true gospel? Isn’t he, well, doctrinally sound?

Well, Chan is a graduate of both John MacArthur’s Master’s University and Seminary, an unusually solid, seminary that teaches rightly on such important doctrines as the sovereignty of God, the inerrancy of Scripture, and the cessation of the apostolic sign gifts. He was the founder and former pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California. Chan is now a well-known conference speaker, regularly preaching alongside questionable, at best charismatics such as Mike Bickle of IHOPKC and many others.

Chan, despite his solid theological educational background, is highly compromised in many ways, and not just because he regularly shares the stage with heretics. While that, in and of itself, is problematic, Chan’s compromises are much deeper and stem from a serious lack of discernment.

Chan aims to be a people-pleaser. It’s understandable that a man in the flesh would desire the praise of other men, but God dislikes this attitude and the Apostle Paul warns against it (Galations 1:10).

When Chan decided to leave his church several years ago to begin his charismatic crusade, he announced to his congregation “God was leading him elsewhere.” Then, two years ago, while speaking at a gathering, speaking of his former church, he told the audience that they were all a “bunch of losers” who didn’t exercise their spiritual gifts.

Francis Chan, for several years, has been on the speaker circuit for several heretical crusades. On of the most popular crusades he’s frequented has been IHOPKC’s annual One Thing conference alongside such heretics as Todd White, Michael Brown, Joyce Meyer, and Seventh Day Adventist, Ben Carson. This conference is not only heretical due to it’s theological grounding steeped in New Apostolic Reformation ideology, it’s also ecumenical, and holds a Catholic track.

But Chan is no stranger to ecumenism. In 2003, Mike Gendron, a Christian apologist best known for his polemics and evangelistic resources for Catholics, was invited to speak at Chan’s church. Gendron, a man who knows and loves Catholics enough to speak truthfully about the serious and damning theological errors they hold to, spoke to Chan’s audience truthfully about the errors of purgatory, Mary, the Eucharist, and the biblical way of salvation. This prompted Chan to rebuke Mike Gendron in front of the entire gathering, stating that it “was a mistake” to host Gendron.

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Chan’s obvious discontent with biblical truth shows that he is not only theologically inept and lacks serious discernment, but that he also seeks to not offend man, effectively offending God much worse.

In his never-ending crusade to please the world, Chan continues to praise well-known, well-liked heretics while throwing solid men of God under the bus. Chan knows that men like Gendron are less popular with the world and the culture because they see the truth of Scripture as black and white — without compromise.

This weekend, Chan, at Lou Engle’s 2019 Send Conference, Chan was noted praising arch-heretics, Todd White and Daniel Kolenda. Todd White is a fraudulent “faith-healer” who claims to have healed hundreds of people of various ailments without a shred of evidence. Todd White holds to the Word of Faith heresy, “little God” theology, and is largely into the heretical New Apostolic Reformation movement that teaches that the office of Apostle — like the original 12 — has been reinstated and Apostles and Prophets exist today. Besides the fact that every single “Apostle” and “Prophet” in this movement is morally compromised in some way, not a single one has ever prophesied the way the biblical prophets have done. You can see Chan praising these men in the video below, toward the end.

Francis Chan, though he may occasionally speak things that sound right and biblical, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing to be avoided at all costs. Because of his associations with heretics and false teachers — and his considerable lack of discernment — Chan leads his people astray. He is not a shepherd to be followed, as he feeds his sheep directly to the wolves.

Can two walk together except they be agreed?

Amos 3:3
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  1. My goodness

    Thank you Jesus for exposing the religious heretics that seek to judge and lead people astray such as the owners of this site and First Kingsland Church

    Forgive them for they know not what they do and are blinded by the prince of the air. Save them and give them your Holy Spirit to be enlightened that they may come to Know You

    Thank you for Francis Chan and others that are leading your people, through your Word, into your presence and away from the Baptist Judges of this world


    • Amen and Amen. Francis is a person who does not waste his time as a busybody trying to weed out every heretical speaker, of which there are a multitude. Whether or not Todd or Daniel are heretics, Francis does not know. As he stated, this is the first time he’s ever heard them!
      Thank you Jesus for Francis Chan, your humble servant.

  2. Seems to Me your upset that Francis teaches straight from the Bible. Your offended by scripture. Your upset about religion. ‘This is about a relationship with God, thru his Son Jesus. Period
    You can‘t see the gospel or the glory of Christ when your a hypocrite.
    Thank God for people who stick with straight scripture. People there is nothing wrong with Francis Chan.

    Are you spreading sound doctrine with your comments, and article, who. Has really fallen here?

    • You know, the Devil also taught from God’s Word in the garden of Eden and during the temptation of Jesus. BUT, he twisted God’s word to fit his own evil agenda.

    • Hi Tracy, I’ve been following Francis Chan for years and his teachings as slowly declined into Narcigesis rather than Exegesis.. I love Francis, but what’s happening to him is really disturbing. The people mentioned in this article are the very people that claim to be little gods.. which is in direct contradiction with scripture, I mentioned that as it speaks loudly of what they’re believing in… and it’s not the Jesus of the Bible..

  3. I am trying to remember to remove the log from my own eye, before checking for specks in someone elses. I believe it was Jesus who also said something like, if they are for us, leave them be? Also He said something about letting the oxen tread out the grain? And, thankfully, God, who is full of grace and mercy, decides.

  4. Wow. This article sent shivers down my spine. The “Law Abiding” Pharisees judged Jesus the same exact way. Why are you hanging out with sinners? If you are, you must be one of them. How can you say you are from God when you are not following His commandments by undermining the Church?, etc. What you are doing right now by publicly attacking a Christian brother without addressing your concerns privately to Mr. Chan himself is exactLy the opposite of what being a true follower of Jesus Christ is. Maybe you should get more into the Bible, especially focusing on the life of Jesus and worry less about what our God is leading our brothers and sisters in Christ to do. The last thing you should be doing is shepherding considering this hate filled and judgmental public display. I will be praying for you.


        • Pls get your facts right. stop being the accuser of the brethen . bearing false witness or you will be assumed to be a child to the Father of lies, Satan.

          FYi i do not know Francis well but i heard few of his sermons online. Nothing wrong as you have claimed. On the contrary, it is very convicting.

          Probably some people could not swallow in the truth presented. Just too selfish and/or proud to admit they need reproves in the light of truth.

  5. You speak about sound Biblical theology, and then judge our Christian brothers with what you’re talking about. JESUS didn’t come and DIE for this. In fact the New Testament clearly states that speaking and tongues and healing is normal and what we should be doing. May Grace and Peace be upon you. Let Jesus be glorified!

  6. Good work, brother! These comments are exactly why you need to keep going.

    So many are blinded by their own prideful need for sweet words, disturbed by sound teaching because it doesn’t make them feel good. If they only knew the God that loves them is the same God that wants to be KNOWN through His Word.

  7. “Chan, despite his solid theological educational background, is highly compromised in many ways, and not just because he regularly shares the stage with heretics. While that, in and of itself, is problematic, Chan’s compromises are much deeper and stem from a serious lack of discernment.”

    Would you call Christ’s message on earth “problematic” because he shared a life stage with all manner of heretics because he preached directly in their midst? Of course you wouldn’t.

    As long as the individual preaching isn’t spreading false doctrine he is EXACTLY where he needs to be. Preaching scriptural truth in the midst of heresy.

    I cant take you seriously when you throw Ben Carson, a well know and dedicated believer in the same sentence with Todd White.

    I was raised Seventh Day Adventist, I left that church because of their heavy emphasis on works. But heretical they are not. Perhaps you should look deeper into things before you start throwing people under the proverbial bus.

    • What is a “life stage”? The earth we live on? Of course we share a common planet with heretics, but Jesus didn’t have fellowship with heretics, preach at the same conferences, and say nice things about them. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but he had no tolerance for false teaching. Yes, these men that Francis is associating with are spreading false doctrine.

      I don’t know much about SDA’s so I did a little reading at a site I trust. There are some points I’d consider heresy. Is it possible maybe you don’t know all of their doctrine?

      • Actually, he was never belittling to those that were lost or wrong. He attacked the Pharisees, not because they were heretics, but because they were so incredibly legalistic, there was no room for grace, mercy or Jesus Christ in their teachings.

  8. I can see these teachers banding together and promoting a world church that accepts so much worldly garbage. I just listened to Francis Chan’s message to Hong Kong and though thought the first half was mostly Biblical, at one point He says because the Holy spirit is in us and Jesus was not an ordinary person – “that’s what He is saying about us” … “there is a sense which I am a god and man all at once” ! Wow ! that made me feel sick. Yes the Holy spirit lives in believers but NO it is NOT the same as the way Jesus was God in Human flesh! Check this video out at 4 minutes 2o seconds to 5 minutes and 5 seconds.

    • Yes, it seems Chan is teaching a new age doctrine.
      I believe that Jesus has brought us into a position so high, that if He had raised us any higher, then He would have breached the Godhead. This was Christ’s work in making us His bride, suitable for Him.
      Yes I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit, but I am not the Holy Spirit. Jesus was fully man and fully God, I am but a new creation in Christ who is indwelt by God, unlike Jesus, I am not the eternal self existing One, I am simply a created being, a part of His creation.
      We are told to test the spirits, and a lot of what Chan teaches is sound, but it that which is not sound which concerns me.
      Thank you for your post.

      Carl, just journeying through.

      • There’s so many grey areas with the world right now. People cherry picking the bible for their own agenda. Pastors telling their congregation to come to church for live services during a worldwide pandemic when a vaccine is around the corner. I know we can’t visibly see Covid, but would you treat leprosy the same way? Where is the love for your brother or sister? Why are you testing God? Why are some pastors serving both God and money? I learned through Covid that it’s all about God love for us. We are the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ. It’s all about His sacrifice and love for us. Nothing is possible without Him, and everything possible through Him. It’s been such a difficult year for everyone. Read the word daily, pray constantly, and remember to always keep God first! I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so much! Merry Christmas everyone!

  9. Keep in mind, too, that if Francis Chan studied under John MacArthur, as this article points out, people need to be aware that John MacArthur is on the record as saying that people can take the mark of the beast during the time of Jacob’s trouble, and that God will still forgive them and they can be saved if they repent AFTER taking the mark of the beast. That is PURE HERESY and false teaching from the pit of hell. And MacArthur is one of Chan’s mentors?

  10. I’m so thankful I was led to this site to watch a video by Francis that BLESSED MY SOCKS OFF! Francis inspired me to actually follow and OBEY Jesus by keeping His #1 commandment, LOVE the Lord your God and LOVE your neighbor as yourself. We can keep this by knowing but also experiencing the love of Christ (includes intellectual agreement with the truths of Scripture as well as a new heart with transformed desires).

    Won’t we be judged for keeping this #1 Law of Love more than our assent to a point of doctrine or creed?
    Let us use this measuring stick to judge ourselves before judging another.

  11. This article smells of division and contempt. Christians aren’t saved because they all agree in the same sound doctrine, they’re saved because of the work Christ did on the cross for them. All that is required is that they believe and that they obey.

  12. I’m shocked at the backlash of this article.
    The man who posted this is doing what the Bible says:
    To point out false prophets PUBLICLY.
    In 1 Timothy chapter 5 verse 20, it speaks of church leaders “to be rebuked in the prescence of all.”
    This man isn’t puffing up his chest, he is, in love, speaking the truth. For those who may have been led astray, he is seeking to be one who holds others accountable.

    • I agree Joseph – they all sound like worldly “Christians” or unbelievers who assault street preachers with “judge not lest ye be judged” retorts without reciting the next 4 verses. Truly truly, the backlash is exactly why the Church needs more articles like this.

    • Those who speak the truth are often set upon by those who claim to be followers of God.
      In that day, there will be many who come to Jesus, saying that they did all manner of things in His Name, we are seeing a number of their posts in this day.

      Thank you for your post.

      Carl, just journeying through.

  13. Modern day Pharisee wrote this article. You need Jesus and I hope you learn the error of your ways. The power of Jesus Christ is alive and well today.

  14. Brothers and Sisters ~ Praise God ~
    Be surprised how God works. interesting how Todd is starting to preach the real gospel !

    Some quotes from Todd White in this vid:

    “This is hard for me. I feel like I haven’t preached the whole gospel, and I REPENT!”

    “I feel like I’ve just met Jesus all over again.”

    “I been goin through it. You have no idea. I been trembling, shaking, and in a new place of the fear of the Lord, and a new place of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to bring the reality of the law into a witness to show people their need for grace.”

    “How can you want to be found if you don’t know you’re lost?”

    “If people don’t know they’re sinners, they won’t see their need for the savior.”

    “When you come into the Gospel because you come in for a better life, you’ve got the WRONG gospel.”

    “I’ve talked to some people who are like, ‘My god would never create a hell for people, my god is good, and my god is this.” Your god doesn’t exist! He’s a graven image of your mind! That’s not God. You’re god is not a holy God!”

    “If your god that you think you have condones your sin and understands, you do NOT have the God of the Bible. You don’t!”

    He cites the writings of Charles Spurgeon, George Whitfield, and Ray Comfort as the source of his conviction.

    Praise GOD!!!

  15. Watching Francis Chan allowing Catholic priest wash his feet and pray over him was too much to bear, also as he explained how Evangelicals have missed the boat about communion-the elements being symbolic, supposedly the early Christians believed the bread and wine being the actual body and blood of Jesus! So, this fellow is now having very Catholic leanings. As a former Catholic, this is heretical teaching and I believe Chan is now an apostate. Then at Moody Week, he speaks to the congregation on how HE healed everyone he touched! No proof, and didn’t say a word about anyone receiving Jesus as their Savior. What good is healing their bodies and their souls end up in hell? Francis Chan has fallen.

  16. Clearly the Holy Spirit is the one that leads us to things of God and things not of God. Sorry Mr. Maples but you are the one that is to be avoided. Clearly if this is all you choose to tell us of Francis Chan you must your personal reasons for not mentioning his promoting of home church in America. Something that I see could worry those who you bow before.

  17. I don’t want to participate in this grudge-fest. I just want to say that you seem to be sincere believers who want to follow Jesus and help the church be sound and headed for heaven. But if that is true, why don’t you take seriously the words of James?

    “Speak not evil one of another, brethren. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge. There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another? (James 4:12)”

    I assume you know a little bit about the history of heresies and divisions in the church. But there seems to be a modern trend to call anyone we disagree with a heretic. We paint with a broad brush and we do not distinguish between big and little sins. One pastor we had called the big sins “Heaven-and-hell issues.” Are you saying Francis Chan is a heretic because of things that are not heaven-and-hell issues?

    I am very grieved about this because I don’t see you preaching holiness and Spirit-led unity like Francis Chan is. I see you cursing anyone who’s not a Calvinist. Are you building up our Lord and Savior’s church, or are you tearing it down?

    You seem to be taking Luther’s Gamble. “The Bible says that if I hate my brother, I am a murderer and I do not have eternal life. But I am going to gamble that Roman Catholics and Pentecostals and Francis Chan are not my brothers, and so I can safely hate them, without being in danger of hellfire.” That’s a pretty risky gamble, my brothers.

  18. Seems to be you’re operating in jealousy. I’ve never heard of a person being called a heretic just because they take every opportunity to spread the gospel LOL.

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