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No, Women, You Are Not Called to Preach!



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From Beth Moore to Christine Caine, from Joyce Meyer to Priscilla Shirer — women, women everywhere, are standing up and drawing crowds to preach. The phenomenon, which is historically scarce throughout the entirety of Church history, is gaining a lot of traction. I’m going to argue that the primary reason that women are drawn to preaching is not actually a love for God’s word, but a hatred of it.

The Bible is clear that preaching and teaching in the church is a responsibility reserved for men.

I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.

1 Timothy 2:12

Seriously, it doesn’t get any clearer than that. Still, some say that this verse is just saying that women can’t preach to men or teach men. No, Paul says he does not permit a woman to teach OR to exercise authority over a man. These are two separate clauses — neither are permitted.

But even if that weren’t the case, the vast majority of these lady preachers aren’t just preaching to women anyway. Women — like Beth Moore and Priscila Shirer — are mainstream preachers. Their audiences consist of as many men as women.

These lady-preachers, if you will, consistently argue that they are “called by God” to preach. One class that Beth Moore taught for years consisted of hundreds of people, including men, where it was argued,

God began to do a new thing, stirring the heart of Beth to move to a new meeting place, meeting time, change the name of the class, and allow men to attend.

Unsurprisingly, women who usurp the authority of male leadership — by preaching or teaching in the Church — are false teachers. Aside from the fact that they teach falsely on women preachers, many are wrapped up in prosperity theology, like Joyce Meyer and Christine Caine, claim extra-biblical revelations, like Beth Moore who said God gave her a vision of Him uniting Catholics and Protestants, romanticize their relationship with God, like Ann Voskamp who says she flew to Paris to “make love to God,” or promote various other heresies such as LGBT inclusiveness, like Jen Hatmaker. And even if you do — rarely — see a lady-preacher who seems solid, she’s still a false teacher on the premise that she’s not allowed to preach.

So why do women do this? Apart from the fact that a growing number of male leaders in the Church — like Matt Chandler, JD Greear, etc. — are becoming New Complementarians(e.g. egalitarians) and are too afraid of women to speak up, more than that, it’s because these women hate their God-given role as submissive servants in the Church.

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As in all the churches of the saints, the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says. 3If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.

1 Corinthians 14:33-35

You will never hear Beth Moore preach on that verse. You will never hear Christine Caine preach on that verse. You will never hear Priscilla Shirer preach on that verse.

Why? Because they hate it. They are in rebellion against God and hate what God has designed them to do. Women are not called to preach. But the new feminist movement has mainstreamed this notion.

However, men, you are just as guilty of this sin when you enable it.


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Jason Hathaway

So you know the depths of their heart? YOU know better than God what these women's motives are, for you to make an assumption & a judgement that they hate God's word?? I'm curious where in the Bible, GOD HIMSELF SAYS THIS. Because last I checked, Paul was a mere man just like the rest of us. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. This article you've written is rather harsh, and I will believe in women who lead Godly lives and speak poorly of no one, before I believe a man who would make such harsh… Read more »

Mary I Thomas

Jason, if you read on, you will see that Scripture addresses your point directly, when it says these things are a **commandment of the Lord***, not of Paul. ” 37 If anyone thinks himself to be a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things which I write to you are the commandments of the Lord. 38 But [k]if anyone is ignorant, let him be ignorant.”

TJ Hunt

Jason Hathaway, ALL words in the bible are God-breathed. Men, including Paul and every other writer in the bible, were moved by the Holy Spirit to speak and record God’s Words. (2 Peter 1:21) Paul spoke the words of God Himself. Every single word, every single command in the bible comes from God. Whether you like the command or not. God’s Kingdom is built on the foundation of the PROPHETS and the APOSTLES (of which Paul is one) with Christ Jesus being the cornerstone (Ephesians 2:19-20)

And God’s command against women teaching and exercising authority over men is very clear.

Mel S

First of all, do YOU know these women’s hearts? These women are false teachers! I’ve listened to them for years, and all they want to do is be seen and heard! They are not concerned about hearts, they are concerned about themselves! You can’t take God’s word and write it to YOUR liking! Who do you think you are? I will say, that JD Greer is a false teacher! He and many of these women have blasphemed against God and that is called “blasphemy” in case you’re not aware! In our sinful nature, we bear things such as idolatry, jealousy,… Read more »

John David Joseph Lionel Taggart

The Word of GOD is sharper than any 2 edged sword, able to divide spirit from soul… and is a discerner of the intents of the heart. Compliance or noncompliance with the Word of God is how any saint can know the heart of any given individual. You can’t get good fruit from a bad tree, so it is only logical that any who claim to have come to a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus as a result of the teaching of any of these wretched self aggrandizing women are seriously deceived and I doubt they are saved. But Lord… Read more »

Brianna Downey

I love this article about the truth of women in the ministry. Why is it that women have to be heard only in the church? If they are called to deliver God's word, why can't they do it outside of the pulpit? Answer; women who disobey Paul in this area alone, instead of everything that Paul teaches in the NT, are just jealous of men because of God's order of things. Women who are going against Paul's teachings and instructions, are not just ignoring one of Christ Jesus (chosen) men to accompany Him in His ministry, but they are picking… Read more »

Jayden Benson

It is not Paul's word. It is the Word of God. Was it ever the Word of Paul? This is true but we do not need to say it in a harsh way though.

Donna Lynn Hogue

AMEN!!! It doesn’t matter which title is given to which book within Holy Scripture—it is GOD-BREATHED!


It is never assumed that Paul is speaking on his own as if he invented the scriptures. It is understood that Paul is one if the holy men , inspired of God to pen the writings of tge accounts of what took place back then

Alexandra R

Hello, Please allow me 2 comments.. First, we should not take the Bible verse out of its context and generalize, if you seriously think that women can't teach men, that means that all the female teachers are sinners ? There have been many studies around it, and I agree, that those verses should be treated as the part of the whole scripture.. Some of the verses of this kind speak about relationship between men and women inside marriage, some of them are very specific to the situation that the church of Corinth has been going though at the time Paul… Read more »

John David Joseph Lionel Taggart

They are NOT my sisters in Christ as you ASSume!!! Paul judged those who taught falsely in the church, and criticized them, warning others to avoid them, going so far as to name them!!! Or have you not read??? You definitely have not studied (woman), not needing to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of TRUTH !!!


So women can’t preach but Deborah was allowed to Judge the land. Paul also referred to Phoebe in the Bible as a deacon. Anna was in the New Testament and prophesied about Jesus. Why would God give a woman the gift of prophecy which is listed second before a teacher but prevent women to be preachers. What sense does this make? NONE.


Curious, does teaching only happen behind pulpits? If so, how on earth does a mom teach her kid how to make a cake if she doesn’t have a pulpit in her kitchen?

John David Joseph Lionel Taggart

NO, women are NOT TO PREACH in churches of God!!! A deacon is an administrative position, as is that of a judge. Prophecy is not the gift of teaching anymore than teaching is the gift of prophecy and why a distinction is made between them. Teruko you impress me as one who CHOOSES to lean upon their own understanding rather than Scripture, and as one who sets themself up as a judge over it, which is NONSENSE!!! Therefore it is you that lacks sense, and a teachable spirit. Study to show thyself approved onto God, a good workman (which you… Read more »


Thank you. He was speaking to that church and what they were doing. If women can’t be teachers or have authority over men then what’s the point in having a mother? Do they not teach their sons?


What did the apostle Paul say about women teaching? 1Tim 2 “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man, she is to remain quiet.” Why did he say that? “For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressors.” “for man was not formed from woman, but woman from man. Neither was man created for woman, but woman for man” 1Co 11:8. Paul also says in 1Co: “…the head of ever man is Christ, and the head of the woman is the… Read more »


We are to teach our children, including boys. They are not men and it is our duty as Mothers. There is a reason that God wrote his word through Paul. I do have to add though… MEN STEP UP AND LEAD FOR MANY OF YOU ARE WEAK OF SPIRIT!

Will Teag

Men are suppose to teach the children and women are suppose to help

Kimberly McDaniel

You make God out to sound extremely misogynistic. According to your interpretation of this single verse in Scripture, all women are to now stop teaching and to be quiet in the church. I am not arguing against this verse. I am arguing against your interpretation of it. Please read the whole book of 1 Timothy in order to see the context of this verse. There are a couple of hints throughout this chapter that Paul is talking directly to the culture that Timothy is currently in and so may not be meant to be a universal truth for all women… Read more »

Kimberly McDaniel

I wish I could edit my last post. I came out with an attacking tone of voice in my words, and that wasn't right. This article does mention another one of Paul's writings that talks about the role of women in the church, which I need to acknowledge does contribute to this discussion. However, I would still like to hear from you how we women need to see ourselves. I am not even a feminist, and your take on these Scriptures suggests that women are inherently not as good as men at Biblical teaching. I am trying to reconcile this… Read more »

Todd Nuccio

Love Ravi Zacharias' preaching. He is missed until we get to meet him one day. That said, his wonderful message was in response to the question, "Does God favor a gender?" The short answer is, no. God doesn't show favoritism (Acts 10:34). But favoritism and purpose are not the same thing. God gave us different gifts (1 Corinthians 12:12-27) and teaching, although I know of many talented women teachers, was given to men. There is no scripture that defends women teachers. If there was, I would gladly obey what God wants. Blessings.

Susan Ann Hitchler

please give me the scripture that says the Holy Spirit only gives the gift of teaching both sexes to men.

Todd Nuccio

I want to praise you also for your second post that acknowledges your "attacking tone". It doesn't seem that bad, but you know your heart better than me. Regardless of a women's strength, there are avenues for women like you to teach, and I praise you for teaching other women. Your example of Luke 2:36-38 is about a prophetess, not a teacher. There are many areas of scripture where women are held in high esteem over men. I personally have never read or even heard of scripture that encourages women to teach men. All that said, men are held to… Read more »

Nicole klupenger

I mean no offence. I have read the above comments. I think it is important to validate and affirm the place women have in the raising up of their sons and daughters. Timothy became the leader he was due to the profound effect a believing home had on him and a faithful mother and grandmother who led Timothy to Christ. Additionally, I think that when we extoll and affirm we are more able to be honored in our position. However, I believe that it is critical to understand history when reading the Bible. While I believe all that the Bible… Read more »

Susan Ann Hitchler

why do the men who believe this never seem to look at what Jesus did regarding women. He chose a woman to be the first to "testify" about his rising from the dead. He chose a woman to introduce the gospel to the Samaritans. Jesus put women back to where they were created to be before the Fall

Susan Ann Hitchler

excellent. I have often wondered at what age do boys who have been taught Godly things by their mothers have to believe that their mother cannot teach them anything


what woe for a child who’s mother thinks she is not teaching that child every waking moment.


Seems like some are taking the Old Testament women out of context. None were actually preachers.

Mark Grubb

By reading some of the comments here it makes me sad. The world is watching the actions, words and deeds by Christians. If God is your true authority then arguments full of vinegar like this are totally avoidable. What God states in his word is what we all will be judged by. Not our own opinions. During my trip to Isreal right before the pandemic struck and when my faith became sight I spoke to people of Jewish, Christiain and Islamic faith. We did not speak of our respective faiths. We just spoke about beautiful animals and the food. Things… Read more »

Susan Beck

Titus 2:3-5. Women ARE to teach the younger women.


I am the daughter of a female pastor. It wasn’t fun. It still isn’t. I am now a reformed bible believing Christian and haven’t looked back. Ladies, be careful what you wish for. The women in my current circles are powerhouses. They leave a legacy in their homes, with their children and their husbands admire them, as they respect their husbands and honor them for their leadership in the home. We talk of “usurping” the pulpit, if its a sin, the harm is not just too the pulpit but to the family and the greater community. When I see BM,… Read more »


It is a shame to witness people disregarding the word of the Lord they claim to fear n serve like this, all scripture is God inspired, there is no Paul’s word n God’s word in scripture, all that is in the Bible is God’s word. People would do well to examine their faith every time they intend to question what is written, it is unequivocally stated in scripture that which is a role of a man n a woman, God is not the author of confusion, love him by obeying his word, do not make claims that people are being… Read more »

TJ Hunt

Jason Hathaway, ALL words in the bible are God-breathed. Men, including Paul and every other writer in the bible, were moved by the Holy Spirit to speak and record God’s Words. (2 Peter 1:21) Paul spoke the words of God Himself. Every single word, every single command in the bible comes from God. Whether you like the command or not. God’s Kingdom is built on the foundation of the PROPHETS and the APOSTLES (of which Paul is one) with Christ Jesus being the cornerstone (Ephesians 2:19-20)

And God’s command against women teaching and exercising authority over men is very clear.

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