Steven Furtick Praises Sex Trafficker and Claims God Gave Him the Ability to Crush The Serpent Under His Feet

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Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC is the premier prosperity gospel pimp of the New South. Quite literally, there is none other like him. Whether it be Furtick denying God’s sovereignty over man, lying about baptism numbers, hosting a non-Trinitarian fraudat his church, or claiming that Jesus sinned, there is no doubt that Furtick’s theological understanding of God is severely lacking.

Furtick is no stranger to narcissism, as he regularly preaches about himself while reading himself into the Scriptures. Starting at about the 2:30 mark in the video below, Furtick starts talking about how God called him to crush Satan. “And now, I’m living at a level above the serpent, and he’s under my feet, and I’m not negotiating with what God called me to trample on,” he says, “I’m not going to conversate with what God has given me the ability to crush.”

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Of course, God did not give Steven Furtick — or any other man for that matter — the ability to crush the serpent. That was a task given specifically to Jesus, and it was accomplished on the cross. To claim that you have this ability is to make yourself equal with God — complete blasphemy.

He then went on to preach, literally, Socialism. “We will be a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgment,” he says, starting at about the 30:30 mark, “when we allow inequality, and prejudice, and stereotypes, and oppression to go unchecked, and the ask God to make us one.”

He then goes on to praise Martin Luther King as a man of moral standards. “His life was not about speeches, it was about standards,” he says.

It is well known that King’s life was anything but moral — he was a sex trafficker who possibly participated in homosexual acts. He claimed to be a minister of the Word of God, yet he denied the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, and even the resurrection, yet he’s lauded as one of the greatest “Christian heros” of our time.

Sure, his speeches did a lot in the way of civil rights — which we appreciate — but to praise King as a man of moral standards is ludicrous, and to praise him as a “Christian hero” is outright blasphemous.

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