Charismatic Prophetess: ‘Glow in the Dark People Actually Exist, I’ve Seen Them’


Jennifer Eivaz is a popular charismatic conference speaker and author who makes outlandish claims about God and the supernatural. Eivaz once “prophesied” that California would turn “red” (as in conservative) and that God’s blessings were “flooding in.” Of course, nothing even close ever came to pass.

Now, I don’t know if she’s on some kind of new, experimental mind-altering drug, but this is some crazy stuff she’s talking about here…glow-in-the-dark people. They exist, because, you know, we’re “salt and light” and shifting and molding stuff like that.

“I’m absolutely convinced that we’re going to see people glow in the dark on a regular basis … it’s happened to me on four different occasions where I’ve literally glowed,” she says, claiming that some unknown people out there “just happened to catch it on camera.” (Of course, she doesn’t show us those pictures — because they don’t exist, or they’re fake.)

If she’s on something, I think we need to know what it is…

Glow in the dark people … ✨✨✨

Posted by Jennifer Eivaz on Thursday, February 21, 2019

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