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Hillsong Founder Throws Chris Pratt Under the Bus: ‘He’s Not a Member of Our Church’



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After a couple weeks of a heated exchange between lesbian actress, Ellen Page and actor Chris Pratt who was attacked by Page because he attended Hillsong Church which she believes to be “anti-LGBT” (it’s not), Hillsong Church officially released a statement affirming their pro-LGBT stance.

Hillsong Church — known for it’s salacious and orgiastic music — is no stranger to controversy. It is an organization driven by celebrity presence that seeks to seduce the masses through worldly entertainment, motivational speaking, and a desultory attempt at bridging the culture with the church.

Hillsong Church holds to absolutely no doctrinal integrity. Not only does Hillsong now openly affirm homosexuals, they also hold Roman Catholic masses, have sleazy renditions of Silent Night during Christmas, pose a nearly naked man on stage at a women’s conference, cover-up pedophile pastorsdefend abortioncomplain about the death penalty, and the reason celebrities love them is because they “don’t teach that book with Moses and stuff.” In other words, they are all about their image.

Which brings us to Brian Houston. Brian Houston is the founder and CEO of Hillsong Church headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Houston never wastes an opportunity to whitewash his organizations image. In an effort to protect that image while being able to walk both sides of the aisle, Houston throws Chris Pratt under the bus.

Essentially, he’s able to say “well, he was bold for standing for Jesus, but he’s not a part of us and we’re not responsible for him.” What other reason is there for making a public statement like this if not to protect your image from the world?


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