Woman Says She Wishes She’d Had a Late-Term Abortion Instead of Having Her Daughter


To the godless, progressive pro-abortion camp, life is not something given to you, it’s something you earn by living.

In a sick and twisted story published on the Huffington Post today, a woman named Dina Zirlott writes that she wishes she’d had a late-term abortion rather than having her daughter. She says she was a victim of rape at the age of 17 yet her baby died anyway when she was 19.

After giving graphic details of her recollection of what led to the alleged rape, she recalled where she’d visited the doctor who informed her that her daughter had a congenital brain condition that was “incompatible with life.” She writes,

If I had been allowed the option to choose a ‘late-term abortion,’ would I? Yes. A hundred times over, yes. It would have been a kindness. Zoe would not have had to endure so much pain in the briefness of her life…. Perhaps I could have been spared as well.

The thought of losing a child is a an indelible cross to bear, but this does not make us the arbiter of the right to life. Not only is this line of reasoning ungodly and selfish, it is a slipper slope that opens the door to all kinds of murder. How many older children — adults even — do we know who develop chronic illness that will eventually lead to death? Do we just kill them off?

The value of life is not determined by its length of time or its inconvenience on caretakers — life is valuable because human beings are made in the Image of God. This is the only valid argument for life — and it’s an argument that will never be won with unbelievers. This is why the answer to the evil of abortion is the gospel.

These are our bodies and our lives, and so rarely do we ask for the circumstances that command the weight of these critical decisions, but these choices are ours. We should not have to beg for permission to decide what is best for ourselves and our children, even the ones who may never be born ― and maybe never should be born.  

The sad reality is the pain and grief of a hurting mother are being exploited by the left who want to expand abortions. But this doesn’t change the fact that abortion is murder, will always be murder, and mothers who abort their children are murderers. This is the reality that mothers facing this option need to hear. It cannot be whitewashed. Mothers often go through with this atrocity because the truth of the gravity of the offense is often withheld from them by well-meaning Christians. They don’t actually believe it’s murder, for if they did, would they actually go through with it? Many would not, but some, of course, still would.

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