Lisa Bevere is a False Teacher


Lisa Bevere and her husband, John, operate a ministry called Messenger International. The ministry exists, according to their website, “to develop uncompromising followers of Christ who transform our world.” Lisa Bevere is a regular conference speaker at highly charismatic church conferences such as Bethel’s Women’s Conference, which lauds her teachings as “authentic, passionate, and witty,” while “weaving profound biblical truths with practical application.”

Lisa Bevere, in stark contrast to the biblical mandate of women’s silence in the church (1 Corinthians 14:34-35), she is a staunch advocate of female preachers in the church. Not only does she regularly fill in as a Sunday morning preacher at various churches, she also writes:

For centuries, a select few verses in the New Testament have been held over women to effectively limit their role and contribution in the church. But is this really what Jesus intended? If men are the only ones who are to preach, then what do we make of Jesus telling Mary Magdalene to go proclaim the news of His resurrection to His disciples? And what about when He gave the Great Commission? Jesus didn’t just give it to the men in attendance—He gave it to all. In case you were wondering, all include women. In fact, I believe the Great Commission is exactly that—a co-mission, one that will take men and women working together in unison to fulfill.

Here she twists God’s commands to fulfill the Great Commission to mean that it is now acceptable for a female to assume teaching authority over men in the context of the church. All are called to evangelize, only men are called to teach and preach.

While giving lip-service to the authority of Scripture, Lisa Bevere actually rejects Sola Scripture in favor of extra-biblical revelation. She is a proponent of the false teaching of “God-whispers,” or “heart whispers.” She regularly writes about how the Holy Spirit tells her things and gives her specific revelations. She writes:

Last year I was at the Colour Conference with my beautiful daughter-in-law, Juliana. While I was there, the Holy Spirit said to me, “You’ve written on lions. You’ve written on swords. Now you’re going to write on a crown.”

She doesn’t say exactly how the Holy Spirit revealed this to her, but in another article, she writes:

I believe that when God speaks, it always begins as a whisper. God is whispering to His sons and daughters, and each of us longs to hear His words. We were created to hear our Creator.

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Lisa Bevere teaches a false, man-centered humanistic gospel. In her teachings, we repeatedly find that Jesus is the means to the ultimate end–man’s accomplishments. Closely aligned with charismatic Word of Faith teachings, you will find her saying things such as, “lovely one, if you dare to dream, you must be brave enough to fight.” Christ has already won the battle, it is in Him that we find rest if we will come to Him (Matthew 11:28).

You will regularly find Lisa Bevere aligned with other false teachers such as Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, and Christine Caine. She is also tied to the New Apostolic Reformation false teachers Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton out of Bethel Redding. This is fitting since Bevere is also a proponent of mysticism in the church. She affirms the mystic charismatic gifts of today (which are nothing even closely resembling the apostolic sign gifts of the early church).

Bevere also promotes a heresy known as positive confession, which teaches that your words have the power to speak things into existence. In a post on her Facebook page, she writes,

Proverbs 18 tells us that both death and life are in the power of the tongue. So what are you speaking over your children—God’s promises, or your fears? Let’s not position them for normal, because normal has not served the church well. Rather, let’s position them for signs and wonders and miracles by speaking their God-given identity and destiny over them. They are sons and daughters of the most high God. Our words can either cause them to shrink back and live small lives, or frame a world large enough for them to be heroes in. Which will you choose?

She also affirms this in the video below. Notice that she is telling her children that they are already “sons of the Most High God,” though she is alluding to the fact that they are too young to have an understanding of the gospel when she is telling them this. But the idea that we can speak or confess anything into existence is a blasphemous claim, as this is something only God can do.

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  1. You are clearly misogynistic and sexist – and God isn’t. He gave both man and woman dominion over the whole earth (see Genesis 1:26-28) and it was their sin/the curse that changed this. Satan became ruler of this world – BUT Jesus defeated him at the cross! We have the power once again through Jesus. As a daughter of the King – I have all authority over the power of the enemy. I am seated with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:5-6). The Holy Spirit is my power source and guide. Women have done great things for Jesus – one, Deborah, even lead an army and Judged God’s people. And we will continue to do so! All this – and I can’t speak in the church? Men have used scripture for eons to subjugate and silence God’s daughters (see 1 Timothy 2:9-12) – scripture which, clearly, needs to be looked at with an historical perspective. God doesn’t contradict himself.

  2. Wow, sorry but this article is a total joke…

    “He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for THE LETTER KILLS, but the Spirit gives life.” 2 Corinthians 3:6

    • You are in great danger when you wrest the words of God out of context.

      Read your citation again, starting at v. 1 of chapter 3.

      One of the reasons Paul had to write to Corinth is the false brethren who were casting doubt on his apostolic authority. Among the points Paul makes to them is that if he was indeed false, then they are unsaved because it was his preaching they believed when they were saved…so to doubt him was to doubt themselves. They were apparently too stupid to have realized that when they doubted him. That’s why he asked the sarcastic question in v. 1 about whether he needed to provide them letters of commendation to prove himself (and his associates) to the Corinthians, or worse yet, did he need to get letters FROM the Corinthians to show he was in fact an apostle? His question was asked to show how foolish they were.

      Point is, when he said “He has made US competent ministers…” the “us” was himself and his apostolic ssociates. Not me, not you, and no one else today.

  3. There is no example in the NT of a woman filling an office of pastor, teacher, or anything else requiring authority over a congregation in a local church. When Paul gives the list of requirements for those desiring such an office, he identifies MEN. So there is zero biblical support from the earliest assembly of the Body of Christ for any woman doing what women are allowed to do today.

  4. Yes Ron, there ARE women in the NT filling offices. Phoebe was commended by Paul as a Deacon (Diakonos). There is no such word in the Greek language as deaconess. Also she had been a benefactor/helper of many including Paul himself. The Greek word there is a position of authority. Paul obviously did not have a problem with her authority. You can’t make a word mean what it never meant.

    Then there is Priscilla or Prisca. She was a teacher of the Word and together with her husband taught Apollos, a man correct theology. But she was far more educated than her husband. How do we know? Context. In that Greco-Roman culture women’s names were never put before their husband’s name. So why do we see her name before her husband’s 3 out of the 4 times Prisca is mentioned? The exception to the rule was if she was more educated. Obviously husband and wife worked well together and neither he nor Paul were threatened by a woman teaching. Junia, Paul says is prominent among the Apostles.

    You mention women keeping silent in churches, but scholars have questioned the placement of that. There are a parentheses around it because it comes in the midst of a conversation about praying, prophesying, speaking in tongues. The primary focus is on order to avoid confusion. The whole context of 1Cor. itself is the problem of disorder and a misplaced sense of superiority due to syncretism with Gnosticism. Tongues became a sinful pride issue of having “special knowledge.”

    The women being silent verse is out of place and has a glaringly “just stuck in there“ look to it. Copyists we’re human and were influenced by their culture too. Additionally, in Chapter 11 Paul is giving instructions to women on praying and prophesying. Also, your verse from chapter 14 pulled out of context leaves out the many single women in the early church having no man at home. Context would tell us that there was a particular problem at a particular time in a particular setting that needed to be addressed.

    I invite you to do some research on how we ended up with our Canon. It is pretty fascinating stuff. Biblical Archaeology Review in an excellent resource. If you ever have the chance to see an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls, please do. You’ll note on the manuscripts which had to be painstakingly pieced back together by a scholar, have places that have been erased and written over, editorial insertions in the margins and even yes, scribal errors (the copyist scribe didn’t hear his assistant correctly or was tired, or a little deaf). If you are able to study and learn from it with a sense of submission to the Holy Spirit rather than a mind already made up and seared shut, it will leave you with a sense of wonder and awe. That sense of wonder and awe and quite frankly amazement comes from the realization that despite having to use imperfect humans, over 200 known scribal errors in the KJV alone, and 400 years between the Old and New Testaments, we have a Bible from Genesis to Revelation that Is consistent in its purpose—to lead us to the Cross and Eternal Life.

    The Bible didn’t just fall from the sky all formed. It was a process over hundreds of years and many writers. A lot of the names of the writers are pseudonyms (pen names) because it wasn’t safe to use one’s real name. Also some were written by the writer’s disciples. That’s just the originals. We have copies of copies of copies. The originals don’t exist. A fascinating story is the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were hidden under floorboards, smuggled, someone may have been killed for them. It reads like an espionage story. One scroll was even listed for sale long ago in a little nondescript ad in the Wall St. Journal. Herschel Shanks, Editor of BiblicalArchaeology Review fought for 20 years to have the scrolls made public. The scholars who had been given the scrolls to piece together, verify authenticity, and translate had been claiming ownership and willing them down to relatives when they died. Thanks to the efforts of Shanks he did eventually win that long battle. As he says “These scrolls belong to all of us,” not just the individual scholars.

    If you approach your research with the right spirit and in submission to the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, You’ll come away amazed at how God accomplished getting His word to us despite having to use imperfect, bumbling, capable of screwing up badly human beings.

    I also invite you to learn to read In Context. You cannot pull single Scriptures out of the Bible, string them together On your theological plate and make a whole doctrine out of it. That’s something I call salad bar theology for obvious reasons. That is a grievous offense because the Bible is not one’s salad bar to make it say anything we please. Yet there are many who do just that, selectively of course. I don’t see any of them walking around minus right hands and eyes. Remember what Jesus said to do if they offend you. If you are not going to take those commands from Jesus literally, Ron, then you can’t go pulling Scriptures about women out of context either. In context, Jesus was using hyperbole (extremism) to make a point. This was a tool every good Middle Eastern storyteller employee and the audience knew exactly what he meant. You have to know what things meant to the original heaters to know what they mean for us today. In context means historically, who was the intended audience, what was the situation being dealt with, the type of literature, poetry, narrative, story, law, etc. For example, the context of I Tim 2 is dealing with false doctrine coming into the Church. Women coming into the Church from the Temple of Artemis would have been spreading Gnostic teaching and that had to be stopped. So Paul says for these women to learn. And the usage there was in the sense of a rabbinical student learning in submission and silence. Do you realize just how scandalous and radical it was for someone to allow a woman to learn??? There is no indication by the language usage that it is universal. The word used for authority (authentein) has only been found in one other instance in apocalyptic literature. Jewish fathers would burn their Torahs before they’d ever agree to teacher a daughter. Women were not permitted or not encouraged to learn in Greco-Roman society, though some managed to. But the overall purpose of 1Tim. Is right doctrine. Neither men nor women get a free pass on this. I don’t care who they are. If they are teaching false doctrine I won’t have them come into a church I was pastor of.

    Bible interpretation then, Ron, is context, context, context, just as Real Estate is location, location, location. Don’t just look at biblical writers commentaries, articles and books that agree with you. As Dr. Claude Mariottini, my cherished OT prof. from Northern Seminary made us do, read an extreme right, extreme left , and middle of the road commentary on a passage and see where YOU come out. God gave us brains to use not check at the door to the sanctuary or at the altar of some famous Bible professor, pastor or speaker’s views. He intended us to think for ourselves and bring it to our community of faith where we hash out the meaning of the texts together. Instead of criticizing this woman’s ministry, are people being brought to a saving faith in Jesus Christ? Men and women are charged to be co-laborers in Christ. Just because you differ on minor issues such as speaking in tongues, don’t let Satan distract your attention away from the Great Commission. If you read through all the men and women who were ministers in the church in Rom. 16, it is a huge hint that we are to be working together not undermining each other. Don’t major in the minors. Work together with both brothers and sisters in Christ to get the job done.

    Grace and Peace
    Rev. Carlene Appel-MDiv, PC, SC, CERC, CTP

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